Feb. 5th, 2012

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Not on days off, mind. Days off are for doing laundry and not much else. However, they make me want to do stuff, and that's always dangerous. Mostly I'm motivated by something I see, but sometimes it's just something that occurs to me at some point.

Cases in point today about being motivated by stuff I see: I now have a fierce desire to get a puppy. Because I made the mistake of watching the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, and they were so stinking cute I can't even believe it.

The other case in point of the day is catching a favorite scene from What Women Want, when Mel Gibson and Holly Hunter are working on an ad campaign for Nike and they make running sound awesome. I'm not sure my knees would ever hold up to running because they suck, but I could definitely get off my ass more and walk. We have a fraking treadmill, after all, and my key fob gets me into the city employee's gym, so I should really take advantage.

I probably won't, since it would involve actually getting up off my ass and doing something before work tomorrow, but feeling like I want to feels like a good step? Maybe if I keep visualizing it, stuff will happen?

...yeah, probably not.


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