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Ugh. Feeling restless tonight. Sister is hogging the living room/kitchen so I can't go and channel surf. Maybe I need to go exercise, but it's way too late at night for that. I sit down and try to read, can only manage a couple of pages. Same for sitting and writing. I keep looking for something to hold my interest and the only thing that does is finances.

So. I was looking at car insurance quotes, and for middle-of-the-road coverage, I can supposedly only pay between $196-$224 for six months. This is for mostly the same coverage with different companies. I think I can afford to do a lump sum payment of that every six months. I think. Right now, I continue to be covered with my family's insurance, but I would like to pay it on my own.

I'm thinking that if I have enough of a chunk of money left over post-holidays, I will finish paying off my car several months early. This will give me back $130/month that I was paying on that, but it would pretty much wipe out any buffer I had. And I still have to pay off credit cards and student loans, and try to save money for Cait's wedding in June and Sirens in October which is away from Colorado.

...I wonder if Albertsons will be hiring after the holidays?

If I can keep the hours I have now post-remodel, I can afford to move out. If I can get a second job, I'll be even better. Or sell some stories, or start selling my stuff online, I could be doing better than just "affording".

So many ifs. It's driving me crazy.

Date: 2011-11-28 07:30 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ziriel.livejournal.com
It strikes me, once again, what similar financial situations we are in. I had a day like that last week and it was making me crazy.


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