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Ryan is right. There's no excuse for not posting.

So, I resolve to post, well, something every day. In my copious free time. Because I do have a lot of that, what with my job only having four-hour shifts, and no second job in sight yet.

Nefret update: she's got an Upper Respiratory Infection, so, basically, she has a Shelter Cold. So, I have to dose her with medicine twice a day, and keep her isolated from the other cats. Which is okay, except now she's been out of the room before, she's bound and determined to do so again.

I guess I lied about the book recs. I'll do those tomorrow.

So, I've decided to try NaNo again this year. I have a concept for a story right now, but no plot. I'm going to go over some of my old stories, see if I can't cobble together a plot from some of those. I just remembered this idea from, I think, junior-high, but I'm going to update it, and grow it up a bit. Most of my ideas from back then had potential, but I was a little too juvenile to do them justice.

Oh, and I got an invitation to go to a Halloween dinner party thing. I'm going to be bringing the dessert, and I'm not sure what to make. Since my work friends seem to be big on themes, it is, of course, Halloween themed. So, I've got a few choices:

1. Apple Brownies (apples are a traditional harvest/fall/divination-at-All-Saint's-Day thing)
2. Caramel Apple Bars (ditto)
3. Fudge with marshmallo topping and call it "Ectoplasmic Fudge" ... probably just 'cause I like saying "Ectoplasmic"...

Okay. I'm off to make more banana bread that mom can actually eat this time!

Really this time, book recs coming up tomorrow!


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