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Right. So, I got ill.

It started with a sore throat, which it seems to always do now. That was fine; I could deal with that. Then my throat started getting spotty, and I decided that was not good. Of course, it did that on Friday night, so I can't call the doctor's office until tomorrow. I had to work on Saturday, and the struggle between health and paycheck continued.

So I got lemon juice. That fresh-squeezed, organic lemon juice that is $5.30 for a bottle. I got three of them, and a big travel insulated mug full of ice. I drank this all through my shift (very, very bitter, whooboy), on the theory that at least it will kill the breath-germs that I might breathe on my co-workers and patrons.

This actually worked very well, and I felt much better today, although now the drippy nose and coughing is coming into play. I get colds in stages, and that is so irritating...

So, I'm going to call the doctor's office first thing in the morning, see if I can get an appointment, and if I can I shall call one of my co-workers who said she might be able to cover my Monday shift for me. (Oh shit! I forgot about BookExpress! Must call and ask other co-worker tomorrow if she can do it, or I could just let it wait until Wed....)

But I got one thing out of it: I got to con my sister into doing the dishes because I was all germy and she's a complete germphobe. So I got to do nothing all day, listening to Crocodile on the Sandbank and playing games. Whoo!

But it seems the meds are wearing off, so I am going to go have some more lemon juice and possibly take a shower, although probably not since that's more effort than I'm willing to make right now...


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