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There is a hole in my transmission. Mechanic's best guess is that I hit a rock. You'd think that hitting a rock hard enough to put a hole in my tansmission would've been noticed. And unfortunately, I can't blame it on the drifter. If only.

I'd show you a picture, but apparently my phone sucks even more than I thought it did, and it didn't send the pictures to My Album like they were supposed to. Fail.

So, now it's a wait-and-see thing. According to my dad, who is being obnoxious about this whole thing, I may end up driving my mom's car. I hate driving my mom's car.

I may also end up getting a new car. If I do that, I'm leaning towards one of those certified pre-owned, and there's some nicely priced Kia's available in town.

Fuck it. I'm going to bed. I'll deal with it later.


Nov. 16th, 2008 03:13 pm
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Oh my gods, you guys, I just applied for a vaguely supervisory position.

It's nearly double my current pay, but then I also have to deal with difficult customers. I have no idea where I stand in likelihood of actually getting it, but I took a step! That's something, right?

I feel a little lightheaded.

Grown-up? I doubt it sometimes...

Okay, I'm going to go try to get caught up on NaNo! At least this time I was actually procrastinating with a purpose!


Aug. 8th, 2008 12:49 pm
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Um...yeah. So I had to Heimlich my mom this morning. She choked on her vitamins. She's fine, but I'm freaking the fuck out.

And, to really show that my mother is kinda the queen of the inappropriate comment, as soon as she could breathe again she croaked, "Vitamins aren't that good for you."

If you'll excuse me, I have to go curl up in a fetal position for a few minutes...
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Fuck shit damn shit fuck!

Time to pay the piper.

Or, in our case, the medical bills.

So, mom got a $3500 check from one of her clients that she literally pulled several all-nighters for the rush job for this money. She deposits it in the bank, and then it's gone.


Straight to the hospital to pay off medical bills, without even letting her know.

Daddy hasn't had money taken out of his account yet, but it's probably only a matter of time.

This is not good.

This is also going to push back my moving out by quite a lot, since I want to help.

I need that second job. Like, now.

And, to top it all off, my grandfather is coming to visit now. While Babatunde is here. So we'll have two guests and major financial problems at the same time.


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I've just been fired.

Fuck the whole gods-fucking-damned world.

I wish I could say I saw this coming, but I really didn't. I thought I was doing well.

Turns out I'm just as socially retarded as I ever was.

They're letting me go mainly because my customer service is lacking. They said customers find me too "abrupt". They also said that if I wanted, they could put a word in for me in the tech department, where working with customers is much less important. I guess I'm too much of a geek for them as well.

I hate that they did this two days before my mother's birthday and so fucking close to the holidays.

But this is the worst part: I was so bad at the job that they fired me even though it would be shooting themselves in the foot. Finals week is coming up, and five of the nine employees are students. At least two of them are taking the last two weeks in December off. And they fired me rather than keep me around long enough to take some of the workload.

Kill me now.
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The Good:

[livejournal.com profile] musesrealm downloaded the season premiere of Supernatural last night for free from iTunes, so I went over and watched it. Much squee-age was had. It was shiny and awesome, and satisfied me as a fangirl. Still gonna watch it on TV tonight (unless I space, which is entirely likely, since I frequently lose track of time...).

The Bad:

As I was going to sleep last night, I had the horrible thought of my parents losing the house because of their medical bills. I mean, this house is worth over $200K, what with appreciation and the work my dad has put into it over the last 23 years we've lived here. He finished the freaking basement, added two bathrooms, central air from a swamp cooler, created a master suite...yeah. This house has seen many improvements.

It was either after I'd fallen asleep and was just slightly dreaming, or just the way my thoughts wander when I'm trying to get to sleep, but I had these vivid mental pictures of trying to pack up all our combined shit to move out of the house so we could sell it to pay my parents' medical bills.

And I nearly started bawling. I mean, everything must change and all, but the thought of my parents having to sell the house before they're ready made me horribly sad.

The Meh:

I work tomorrow and Saturday. No work Sunday, then working Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday next week. But it's also awesome because that's 21 hours this week and 24 next week. Which means moolah! And I get my birthday off, so much yay. I can't decide where I want to go for dinner. Maybe no where....

Anyway...yeah. I'm going to make more icons.


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