Jan. 6th, 2011 11:51 am
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Everyone who shares my sense of humor (even a little) should at least look up the lyrics to Leslie Fish's "Rambo-ing". Very funny in the anarchic sense.

"Let us go a Rambo-ing among the live grenades,
Yes let us go a Rambo-ing oh lively youths and maids,
With an uzi in the left hand, a machete in the right,
Oh let us go a Rambo-ing out on the town tonight."

And various verses about the annoying people around you that may inspire you to grip the handle of your swords.


My Tumblr, for those who might want to follow, but just know it will contain some fannish stuff, and so will contain at least allusions to slash.


I really like the title I came up with.


So, my friend's cousin's husband wants to set me up with a guy. Not sure how I feel about it, but he's in the halfway house for "habitual driving offenses" not anything violent. I guess there's no harm in meeting him, but he knows where I work, so that's weirding me out. I mean, we get the people from the halfway house, the work farm, the women's shelter, people with all kinds of stories and I love that they come in to use the library. But this definitely opens me up for stalker potential, and I'm very leery of that.

Not sure what to do with this...
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Where the fuck did 2010 go? And where's my damn jet pack? I thought we were supposed to have jet packs by now!

Anyway. So, the "resolutions" for 2011:

1. Get rid of the credit card debt. I hate owing as much as I owe, and it's making me crazy that I've fallen into the same trap as everyone else. And, as an addendum, I really need to start actually keeping track of what's in my accounts and what's not, instead of just checking the online version and hoping. I must have a ledger in here somewhere.

2. Find either another job, or find a full time job and leave the library. I really feel like I'm just spinning my wheels there, even though I love my job.

3. Travel. At the very least, my two definite travel goals for the next year are getting to Michigan (for my dear cousin's wedding, whenever that will be) and going to Sirens again in October.

4. Find an outdoor or at least out-of-house hobby. Working out, gardening, a club, dance classes, whatever. Just do something that gets me out of the house.

5. Actually read the items I get out of the library. Audio books do count, but those are easier for me.

Also? I started a tumblr. I don't know why. But I'm just going to do random things as they pop into my head. Or post interesting things I find online. I don't know; maybe some sort of theme will crop up, who knows?
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Right. So, I got ill.

It started with a sore throat, which it seems to always do now. That was fine; I could deal with that. Then my throat started getting spotty, and I decided that was not good. Of course, it did that on Friday night, so I can't call the doctor's office until tomorrow. I had to work on Saturday, and the struggle between health and paycheck continued.

So I got lemon juice. That fresh-squeezed, organic lemon juice that is $5.30 for a bottle. I got three of them, and a big travel insulated mug full of ice. I drank this all through my shift (very, very bitter, whooboy), on the theory that at least it will kill the breath-germs that I might breathe on my co-workers and patrons.

This actually worked very well, and I felt much better today, although now the drippy nose and coughing is coming into play. I get colds in stages, and that is so irritating...

So, I'm going to call the doctor's office first thing in the morning, see if I can get an appointment, and if I can I shall call one of my co-workers who said she might be able to cover my Monday shift for me. (Oh shit! I forgot about BookExpress! Must call and ask other co-worker tomorrow if she can do it, or I could just let it wait until Wed....)

But I got one thing out of it: I got to con my sister into doing the dishes because I was all germy and she's a complete germphobe. So I got to do nothing all day, listening to Crocodile on the Sandbank and playing games. Whoo!

But it seems the meds are wearing off, so I am going to go have some more lemon juice and possibly take a shower, although probably not since that's more effort than I'm willing to make right now...
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And I was doing so well, too. I was getting up around 8 in the morning last week, which was nice. Gave me plenty of time to make coffee and breakfast, dink around on the computer and then go and walk the dog.

And it all fell apart today because I don't have to go to work and so I slept through my alarm (or turned it off without fully waking up, more likely, but the result is the same...) and so didn't get up until 10-ish. And I haven't had my coffee yet, but that's okay because my favorite coffee house in town has opened up again.

Anyway, my library circulated 3 million items last year, actually, 3 million items a couple days short of last year, which means it was more like 3 million and change, but still. That's a fucking lot of items, and also explains why we had to add another hold shelf and I've been issuing new cards like crazy.

We have been very busy at work lately. Which is good, but it's overwhelming right now because we don't have our work study people because they're still on vacation. They come back next week but that doesn't really help us when we have only three people in the afternoon shift and we need two people in the check-in room to handle all the incoming stuff, one person at the desk, one person at self checks, one person running paging slips and another to call holds. That's three more people than we actually have and so everyone is running around like crazy.

It's great that we're busy, don't get me wrong. Job security and all that. But this happened last January, too, and I swear it's all because of resoultions. People resolve to save money in the new year and a big part of that is using the library when they hadn't previously. Unfortunately, it also means that people with large fines that they "didn't know about" (I don't care, you still have to take care of them) or worse have gone to collections come in, hoping to save money and then end up having to pay. Or get indignant and storm off saying they won't pay those fines and they'll never set foot in the library again. Fine, but it'll be reported to your credit agency and that is utterly not my problem.

...Where was I?

Right. Busy. Busy busy. I miss our workstudies. It seems we get a few every semester who just applied at the library because they think it'll be an easy job (haha), but this year I think we got a really good bunch who actually seem to have a work ethic and maybe even enjoy the library. Gasp! Eternal geekdom, of course.

Meh. I'm just waiting for my cell phone to charge so I can head out. I might actually go and work out today, or I might just take the puppy on a longer walk. We'll see.
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Christmas was very good and fun. It started with opening presents with the family (though it was really more like "handing out" presents since none of us bother with wrapping), then breakfast with same. Then we watched Up and all of us cried and I felt really out of sorts after that.

Crying always does that to me, really. I feel just icky both physically and mentally afterwards and I really dislike it. I totally do not understand those people who can have a nice cathartic cry and feel so much better afterwards because I feel like shit.

And because I felt like shit I started to torture myself. See, my parents got me a new iPod for Christmas, which was more expensive than I thought it should be, and it's one of the 160GB ones that I can't even fill up with my entire music collection (though I think Criminal Minds on it would do it...). But I already have a perfectly serviceable iPod Nano, and they forgot that I had it which is why they got me the new one.

And I was torturing myself because I didn't want to appear ungrateful but I really didn't need it because my old one works just fine. And then I talked to my mom about it and she suggested I get rid of the old one. So I'm going to clear out Magellan Jr. and give it to my sister as an early birthday present for her. Yay! Easy solution and I need to stop torturing myself like that, which basically comes down to "I'm not worthy". But I'm working on it!

My family liked their presents from me, and we had a great day that was mostly spent together, but without the usual bickering that happens when we all spend too much time together. So yay!
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Nearly, anyway.

For my personal yearly calendar, I've got the time between my birthday (the 11th) and Samhain (the 31st) to prepare myself for the new year. Yes, this is completely arbitrary but I find it fun and useful for me.

My goals for the new year (not Resolutions because everyone knows those are never really kept) and in no particular order...

1. Let myself learn how to dance
2. Make some actual decisions regarding my future
3. Get a workout schedule established and stick with it
4. Continue trying to better my eating habits
6. Make a proposal for the 2010 Sirens, on any of the six or seven ideas I have...
7. Be more proactive in something
8. Save more money
9. Try to be something more of a grownup, whatever that means...

Let's stick with nine. I couldn't think of any more and nine is a nice number.
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So, I've been talking about moving to Madison.

Of the local people whose opinions I care about, I've gotten one "don't go!", two "go if it makes you happy" and one "take me with you!"

The "don't go" came from my friend who is pregnant, which makes sense because I would be leaving only a few months after her kid is due. She has family, but they are mostly flaky/crazy. And she'd have mom and dad no doubt, but...I still feel bad that I'm even contemplating leaving one of my best friends at a difficult time.

And I know she'd understand if I had to go, but still. I could do the online thing.

Erin is the one saying, "take me with you!" Actually, it's more along the lines of, "I need a chance to start over and if I have a built-in roommate all the better!" She'd go with me to check it out, even, so that's an immediate travel companion as well. This idea has its good sides and its down sides. Good in that I'd have a friend, someone who knows me, and someone to live with without having to worry about scouting out non-psycho potential roommates.

On the down side...we've both debated if it counts as really starting over if you bring someone who has known you since junior high with you...

My parents are the ones saying "go if it makes you happy", which I appreciate. They'd worry, certainly, moving to a whole new place with no support network other than that offered by the school and family five hours away. But they're very supportive, despite the likelihood of racking up more debt I won't be able to pay for.

So largely positive response to my idea.
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I blame you, Ryan, for egging me on. Not that I hadn't thought about it, but now I'm actively researching it.

But how exactly does one go about moving to a whole new place where one has no family?

Moving to the UP was easy; I had my aunt, uncle and cousins up there, built-in support network.

But I'm looking at the information for UW-Madison, and I've gotta say I like their programs, and I like the sound of Madison.

Applications for their Fall 2010 session begin this month. I need three letters of recommendation, transcripts, a personal statement, my resume and the application forms. I actually don't think the letters of recommendation are going to be that hard (it hasn't been that long since I was at NMU and a couple of my profs should remember me, I think..., and one of the reference librarians I'm pretty sure would write me a letter), the resume is pathetic, aside from my library job.

And there's two options, really. University of Wisconsin is starting a distance education for its library/information science program, so I could apply for that. Which would mean I don't have to give up the job I love. But on the other hand, moving to another place might be what I need to kick my life into gear.

Going back to school in a year might be doable. But if I can move and start all over, it might be even better...

Anyone on my flist have stories about this? Just going and starting over?
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I am ... in a rut. Of course, when am I not?

No signs of anyone hiring until the holiday season, so, fine, I'll bide my time and apply again at the end of October. I even asked at Wal-Mart and found they were in a hiring freeze. Sign of the times...

Anyway, my luck I'll get a second job just as NaNo starts. Except maybe not because my friend at the library is organizing a whole bunch of NaNo stuff, because she's the regional liaison-person, and I might be getting some extra hours from helping her out. I'm only a little nervous because she seems to want to stick me with the middle-school aged kids. So we'll see how that goes...

I'm reminded of this because I just signed on as an educator in the young writer's program, so we can get an additional kit.

My friend is very...engaged. She used to be a teacher, so she's much better with kids. She's got all kinds of ideas for making notebooks and handing out prizes/toys/motivational stuff. I listen to her and think, "Why can't I come up with stuff like that?"

I also got the latest GRE prep-book from the library. I just want to look at it, see what I'm in for if and when I decide to take the GRE. I test really well, especially standardized tests, so I'm not actively worried, but forewarned is forearmed and all that...
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I keep meaning to blog stuff, but honestly, there's not really much to say.

I guess I could bitch about the stupid patrons I get, but I could do that over at [livejournal.com profile] library_mofo just as easily...Not that I do it there, either.

Unfortunately, most of what I have to report is only interesting in the fandom front. I've totally fallen in love with Leverage, Criminal Minds, and I've been watching episodes of Daria that I've had on my computer for years and only barely glanced at...

Ooh, on the Sirens front, I reserved and paid for the hotel. And I made a deal with Erin that if she would make a Chicks With Swords T-shirt design I'd pay for part of her room fee too. Her credit card bills are way higher than mine (a couple years in France will apparently do that...) and it's not that big a deal to me. But I want that t-shirt design, and I'm going to put morskimusic.com across the bottom. One of my boss-friends has a screenprinting kit, so I have no issues with actually printing the design, but as I can't draw to save my life I need someone to do a design for me.

Also on the Sirens front, I'm finally reading one of the authors that isn't Tamora Pierce. Kristin Cashor's Graceling came into the library on CD audio book, and I got it first. It's extremely enjoyable, with a fairly unique premise. Full review may or may not follow, depending on my motivation. But I still need to read Sherwood Smith's Crown Duel which has been on my shelf for years, but since she is going to be at Sirens I figure I should at least try to read something. Seems a bit rude to go all fangirly over Tamora Pierce and be all, "Your books are on my to-read list! Seriously!"

*sigh* Time marches on. Going to be 25 in roughly two months. Woo. Go me.
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I did absolutely nothing useful all day. I should've mowed the lawn (but it rained). I should've done the dishes. I should've done my laundry, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned my room, done any number of useful things.

And yet...nothing.

Instead I alternately read an actual book (a rarity for me these days) and watched Criminal Minds. So addicted, you guys. Not even funny. Shemar Moore doesn't hurt either. Mmm, Shemar Moore.

Sorry, where was I?

Right. I'm thinking about filling out the FAFSA again. Debating the paralegal thing, the CSU records-management thing, or the online library school thing. For the last two I'm pretty sure I have to take the GRE, which I haven't done. Can I fill out the FAFSA just for curiosity purposes, or do I actually have to have someplace to send it? 'Cause I'd kinda like to know how much would be out of pocket and how much would be covered, but I don't want to commit to anything yet, because I am indecisive and I dither like mad.

Oh, and I don't work for unpleasant boss-lady anymore. Friday was my last three hours with her. I said something like, "I'm sorry it didn't work out." Her reply was something like, "Yeah, it really didn't. It was bad." (And of course, I'm just thinking, "Then why the hell did you keep me so long you useless bag of inertia?" But I am well rid of her and the job, except what the hell do I put on my resume now? Personal Assistant to a passive-aggressive woman with no personaily and fewer social skills?)

But I might have a line on a retail job, but it essentially means I'll be working right next to my sister (different stores but same owners and right next door). This...does not make me happy. In fact, the possibility makes me damn cranky, because those people love her (why is she only unpleasant to her family?) and so...yeah, no venting outlet at that work any more.

In weather related news, it's bloody fucking hot around here and I'm cranky about it. It's ridiculously humid, too, and we've been getting rain nearly every day. Muggy heat is not my happy climate. Maybe I should move to the Northwest Territories...

Oh, and I'm finishing up a course of anti-biotics, because the new doctor I went to see thinks my three weeks of sore throat was a combination of allergies and infected throat glands. So I'm taking a Zyrtek(sp?) knock-off a day and three anit-biotic pills a day. And I felt better after the first day, which is much improved over the last doctor's orders I got. Ear infection my ass.
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Okay. So. I have no excuse. I've just been distracted like whoa.

I have a new car. His name is Indy, for a variety of reasons. I am about to start decorating him, because he's my car and I can. I'm also going to make the first payment this week, so that's going to be fun. Another monthly expense away from being able to move out.

Speaking of, I think I'm going to find another job and quit the job with unpleasant boss-lady. I'm not what she wants, but I think she's keeping me around out of laziness, and I'm not making enough money to justify the hassel. As my friend pointed out, working a job you hate for decent pay is one thing, but a sucky job and sucky pay is just a losing formula. So there you go. Now the trick is finding another job that will work around my library job because I am not giving that up.

A quick meme, put your player on random and write down given number. (I think it was 15, but whatever.) No skipping embarrassing songs. )

....Can't say I have a predictable iTunes, now can you? The all-caps one drives me crazy but it is WAY too much trouble to fix it.

So had family come, had family leave, was sick while family was here which sucked.

I actually sucessfully cleaned yesterday. Got most of my clean clothes put away, and realized I have too many clothes that I don't wear, so I'm going to separate those out. There's a store opening soon that buys clothes for cash, so I'll put them in a bag and save them.

And now I'm going to open up Michael Jr., put on Pandora and get somewhere with One Bullet Away. I am under 10 items from the library, and I'm going to cut down on the books I get, because those are harder to get read than it is for me to listen to/rip CDs and watch movies.

Basically, I'm alive, getting through, but coasting as much as I ever have been.
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I guess I needed that bitch fest because I feel a lot better now. Weird.

It could also be that my music works again. All it took was two re-boots and unplugging and re-plugging in the external. Whew!

I am putting together a Hermes Memorial playlist/post, hopefully to go up over at LunaTunes if they pick the car theme this week.

I am also hoping to actually write the fannish thing I said I would write and not wuss out at the last second 'cause that would suck.

So, the cars I'm looking at. It's down to an '07 Ford Focus (no Found on Road Dead jokes please) and an '05 Kia Sportage (I think). I like them both equally, and I can find nothing wrong with either of them to make me not want them. They both drive well and have nothing obviously wrong with them (no weird noises, no weird smells, no hitches in the giddy-up). And both are newly-cleaned, so they're kind of shiny inside and out. And they're both blue. I did not do this on purpose, I swear, but I can't speak for my subconscious.

The Focus has MP3 CD capability, but both have CD players and working cigarette lighters so I can use my MP3 radio-adapter again. All good.

So now it'll come down to what I can afford. Well, really I can't afford either, but not having a car isn't an option if I want to continue to make money. If I lived in town I could probably forgo a car, even though it wouldn't be fun. There's buses and my own two feet. But I don't live in town, so se la vie.
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Wow, okay. So. Much bitching ahead. You are warned.

Mechanical problems: Michael is not recognizing the drive that has all my music on it. Not. Happy. I don't know if it's just Michael, or the connection, but if I lost all my music I will scream. Probably into a pillow, but I will still scream. Thankfully I still have my punching bag so no one will get hurt. I may bloody my knuckles though...

The car situation. Godsdammit I am going to miss Hermes. That car got me to college, to university and back many times. I've had some good times in that car. Damn transmission. If it wasn't for that fucking hole in the transmission I could've kept my car, taken the insurance money from the accident and done something fun with it. (Or paid down my loans/credit card. Whatever....) Now I have to go and buy a new car when all I want is to keep the one I've got. He's stilla good car, damn it!

So the estimate for the body damage is between 1800-2100 (two different estimates, I don't know if insurance companies average it out or what...). The cost of fixing the transmission would be 2000-2500 dollars. Both of those values are more than my car is monetarily worth. So Hermes is twice totaled. Poor baby.

It's probably a bad thing that I just want to whine, "I want my car!" rather than deal with all this crap.

And that's where I'm stuck. I know I need another car. And I don't hate the cars I've driven or the two cars I've pretty much decided on (I don't car which, it'll come down to what I can pay for and either way Dad has to co-sign for me). But deep down, I just want my car.

Change sucks.
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There is a hole in my transmission. Mechanic's best guess is that I hit a rock. You'd think that hitting a rock hard enough to put a hole in my tansmission would've been noticed. And unfortunately, I can't blame it on the drifter. If only.

I'd show you a picture, but apparently my phone sucks even more than I thought it did, and it didn't send the pictures to My Album like they were supposed to. Fail.

So, now it's a wait-and-see thing. According to my dad, who is being obnoxious about this whole thing, I may end up driving my mom's car. I hate driving my mom's car.

I may also end up getting a new car. If I do that, I'm leaning towards one of those certified pre-owned, and there's some nicely priced Kia's available in town.

Fuck it. I'm going to bed. I'll deal with it later.
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I am sitting at Panera with Michael and Magellan Jr's. And I am content.

I've been deeply cranky for the last few days, partly because of stupid-ass hormones, partly because I don't like my new boss-lady.

But I get to sit in Panera, have a yummy lunch, listen to great music, and play on my new toy.

Am thinking that the juniors need new names. But I love Magellan for an iPod. I came up with it before there was a lame GPS by that name anyway... And Michael is Junior. Oh well. I guess they'll just stay Juniors, unless I can come up with something I like even better.

I've got another hour and a half before I have to go to work at the library, and I already did three hours with unpleasant boss-lady. I capped it off with helping her with her computer problems, though, so I think it's getting a bit better there. We'll see, I guess.

I swear, Magellan Jr is trying to cheer me up. Played a whole bunch of Lostprophets and now he's playing "We Still Kill The Old Way" which is one of my absolute favorites of their's. Okay, so all of them are one of my absolute favorites, but still.

I got to play Sid Meier's Pirates! yesterday, which was diverting and fun. I re-watched 6/7th Generation Kill while I played, even if it was backwards because my computer faces away from my TV and I put up a mirror so I could see the TV screen. Which means I can't put on closed captioning. I mean, I can read mirror-printing but it takes me longer than the dialogue is on the screen to do so. But that means that I missed a whole bunch of funny dialogue just because the guy playing Ray can talk so damn fast. You'd think I'd be used to that with Rodney McKay on SGA, but apparently not...

Okay, I'm just babbling now. Off I go to play some more!
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So. Stuff has been happening. I might've found another job, as basically an office-bitch for a professional middle-man. I don't know, though; my new possible boss-lady is weird. And given that it's me saying this, you know that's significant. I just don't know. She has very odd mannerisms and she keeps talking about how young I am and how tedious the work is. I'm like, "I know. I signed on for tedious. And I know how old I am, thanks."

I'm not positive it's going to work, but I'll see her on Monday, and if she wants to let me go I wouldn't be heartbroken.

Anyway, aside from all that. I'm feel terribly restless. And I have to get a hold of myself, because I keep looking at travel sites and thinking, "I've got $7,000 worth of credit that I could spend on the trip of a lifetime. I could go anywhere, really... And there are way worse ways to blow all my credit line." I just have to tell myself that I can pay for a couple weekend jaunts, maybe some time in Estes Park or some such, and then for Sirens in October, and that should satisfy me. Right...

But I still haven't bought my perscription sunglasses, although I've pretty much determined that I'm going to also buy this on Cait's recomendation. Pity it doesn't come in purple...

We had Weather! It was awesome, but didn't last long. Schools got a snow day today and a partial one yesterday, though. Work was crazy because everything was backed up because the library closed at 11:30 yesterday because the roads were awful and nothing much got done.
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Christopher Titus was awesome! Christina and Heathe got an autograph, and I couldn't afford to buy anything but I did get to shake his hand afterward. He was really cool after the show, too; he actually had conversations with people. It wasn't just the usual, "Hey, thanks, glad you enjoyed the show NEXT!" thing.


OMG, you guys, this song is awesome! I loved the song, but this remix is fabulous! They added a grinding metal-ish beat. It rocks so hard. And I wouldn't've found it except [livejournal.com profile] silentrequiem posted a video over at [livejournal.com profile] chickswithsword that was set to this song. (I highly recommend going to look at the video. Very fun.)


I'm going to be housesitting tomorrow and Saturday nights, so I won't be online. Which hopefully means I'll attempt to get some writing/research done. *snort* Yeah, right...


I work for the next six days straight, thanks to picking up two shifts. This is going to be nice, but of course it also doesn't mean that much since working is only four hour shifts. Meh. I'll take what I can get.


Speaking of work, something really cool is (hopefully!) happening. We're beginning a trial period for a new project (basically sending books through the mail to families who live really far out of town). I'm one of two people that the bosses thought of to basically run the project while it's in the trial period. So, I'm going to be getting an extra 9-12 hourse per week on my paychecks. I don't know who the other person is yet, and I hope it's someone I actively get along with...

But I feel very flattered and special because I was singled out as someone they would want to handle this brand new project. Whoo!


I've pretty much decided that i want to get perscription sunglasses. I'm wavering on also buying a Netbook, but I'll wait on that. I think I'll wait until I see how the new project starts working out before I bring out the new computer option...
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Nefret has started playing catch. Well, sort of. It's adorable and I'll try to get a movie-thing of it soon. She catches pretty well for someone without thumbs...

So... life goes on. I signed up for Inboxdollars, which has been interesting so far. I get an e-mail, I click, they credit a couple cents to my account. And I don't have to give out my billing info, so it's all good. They'll send me a check when it gets to something like $30.

I have two pet-sitting gigs happening in the next two weeks, so that's going to be a nice bit of cash in my pocket.

Still being a wanker and not turning in applications for other jobs because I'm a procrastinator and a chicken.

I actually managed to do laundry the other day. Two full loads, even, without my sister whining that she needs the machines.

I really wish I could think of something to say. But I really can't. It's just been more of the same for me.

My parents seem to have almost gotten a couple puppies today. But they resisted. Daddy says he's not "ready" for another dog. It's been seven years since we had to put Dixie down. I'm not ready for another dog either, but that's because mom and I will be doing the bulk of the care because dad's never home...


And now for something completely different. From Foreantimes.com headlines:

Greeks used checmical warfare in ancient times. Yeah, I'm sorry, but didn't someone already come to this conclusion, like, years ago? And wrote a book about it?

Orangutan apparently taught herself (her name is Bonnie *forehead smack*) to whistle.

Plague of Porcupines in Colorado. (I'll take "plagues that didn't make it into the Bible for $400, Alex...)

Cute but disturbingly big ears....


I haven't decided if I want to watch anything on Tuesday or not. On the one hand, hey, historic moment here. On the other hand... ugh, politics. Will think on it...


Jan. 12th, 2009 02:49 pm
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I just ordered stuff from Devil's Panties! I got the first graphic novel and the individual comics that compile book 2, which is being held up at/by the printers somehow or other.

Boo on that.

But I just ordered them! I expect them to be here next week sometime.

Whoo geekery!


In other news, my sister's b-day is tomorrow. Which means a nice dinner out for the family. I already gave her her present, which wasn't really much of one, but it was money from my selling one of her books.

So...yeah. I'm investigating ways to make money. We'll see how this works out...


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