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All right, I seem to have come down slightly from my anxiety the other day.

I think I'm pretty resigned to staying in my parents house until roughly halfway through 2012. But I think I've worked out a budget that will allow me to not only pay off my car in two more payments, but to be out of credit card debt by June at the latest. And this is with low-balling most of the paychecks for the next two months.

So there's that.

Also, NaNo is ending, which is always a let-down and a relief at once. Let down because I know there's lots of people that I love hanging out with that I will maybe see in April with Script Frenzy, but more likely won't see until next November. Or checking in vaguely on Facebook and the like. (And on here! Hi new LJ/NaNo friends!)

Anyhoo, I think I've got a plan.

Watch that plan go up in smoke, since when we make plans the gods laugh.
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I guess I needed that bitch fest because I feel a lot better now. Weird.

It could also be that my music works again. All it took was two re-boots and unplugging and re-plugging in the external. Whew!

I am putting together a Hermes Memorial playlist/post, hopefully to go up over at LunaTunes if they pick the car theme this week.

I am also hoping to actually write the fannish thing I said I would write and not wuss out at the last second 'cause that would suck.

So, the cars I'm looking at. It's down to an '07 Ford Focus (no Found on Road Dead jokes please) and an '05 Kia Sportage (I think). I like them both equally, and I can find nothing wrong with either of them to make me not want them. They both drive well and have nothing obviously wrong with them (no weird noises, no weird smells, no hitches in the giddy-up). And both are newly-cleaned, so they're kind of shiny inside and out. And they're both blue. I did not do this on purpose, I swear, but I can't speak for my subconscious.

The Focus has MP3 CD capability, but both have CD players and working cigarette lighters so I can use my MP3 radio-adapter again. All good.

So now it'll come down to what I can afford. Well, really I can't afford either, but not having a car isn't an option if I want to continue to make money. If I lived in town I could probably forgo a car, even though it wouldn't be fun. There's buses and my own two feet. But I don't live in town, so se la vie.
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There is a hole in my transmission. Mechanic's best guess is that I hit a rock. You'd think that hitting a rock hard enough to put a hole in my tansmission would've been noticed. And unfortunately, I can't blame it on the drifter. If only.

I'd show you a picture, but apparently my phone sucks even more than I thought it did, and it didn't send the pictures to My Album like they were supposed to. Fail.

So, now it's a wait-and-see thing. According to my dad, who is being obnoxious about this whole thing, I may end up driving my mom's car. I hate driving my mom's car.

I may also end up getting a new car. If I do that, I'm leaning towards one of those certified pre-owned, and there's some nicely priced Kia's available in town.

Fuck it. I'm going to bed. I'll deal with it later.
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On the Yay! side of things: I've paid for everything (cell phone, DoE loan, credit card, ISP) already, so the next paycheck is mostly for fun. Well, fun and paying off the credit card even more, because I sort of went over the limit (and then was even worse because of fines and fees and that's the stupidest thing about banks). But next paycheck is going to be about $300, so I can pay $150 off the card and still have some money to play with.

On the Not!Yay! side of things: Sister still horrible to mom. They tried to go shopping yesterday, and of course it didn't work. Mom was mostly-not-joking about moving out. I really want to drop-kick my sister most of the time, but when she makes my mom cry I want to shoot her someplace painful with my arrows.

I want to tell her to stop being such a self-centered, stuck-up, passive-aggressive, mean, callous bitch, especially to our mother who of all people does not deserve to be treated like this. I want to tell her that it's really no wonder to me that she doesn't have a lot of friends, doesn't have a boyfriend, doesn't have a better job, or anything like that, because she thinks the world revolves around her and that's not particularly conducive to getting anywhere in life.

But of course, then I'd sound like a bitch, she'd get all self-riteous, Daddy would get pissed and have to pop a nitro, and I don't even know what mom would do.

And I think I just found out that my dad's being sued (or at least needs a legal-type mediator), which explains why he's been so pissy lately. Though it does make me think I should buy groceries after I get paid. I can do that.


I sent in two e-mails w/resumes for jobs that seem to be mostly telecommuting, which would be ideal.

I also picked up an app for B&N, and I'll be turning it in soon, Sunday or Monday maybe. I was talking to one of the employees when I asked for the app and he heavily implied that my library experience will probably help. Which I knew, but is nice to have it confirmed.

Starbucks is also on my list.

Aaand now I have to clean my room and do laundry which I probably should've done a week ago, but there you are... Gonna pop in a DVD and clean.

...watch me go...
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Well, not really quite that fervent, but I wanted a Daria quote...

So, I just got a phone call about a part-time position at a bank I sent in my resume for.

I was very excited and eager, then I found out the shift is steady 1-5 M-F.

Which means it conflicts with my library schedule. The job I love and adore and probably want to pursue as a lifetime thing.

So, now I'm going to go in a little early, see if I can ask my supervisor about taking a steady morning shift, or changing a shift to Sunday. Which sucks, because I already told her that I didn't have to change my schedule this semester.

Of course, I have one shift, possibly two, that I could conceivably keep, though I'd have to start them ten minutes late, since they start at five. And that's if I'd get out of the bank on time.

Ugh. It's just really frustrating that the first spark of interest I get for a second job conflicts very, very badly with the job I love.

Okay. Well, we'll see. I have to talk to boss-lady, see what she thinks.

More waiting...

Edit: Oh, and to top it off, I have ten dollars in my checking account, and $60 on my credit card to last until next payday, which is two weeks from now. I can buy gas, but that's basically it. Bleh.
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Anyhoo, it's been a somewhat interesting almost-two-months here.

Among other things, a couple friends have moved in temporarily because their landlord is dumb and obnoxious. So that's fun. Instant hanging out.

And I got to go to Hiawatha! Which was awesome, and fun, and I got to see people I hadn't seen in years. Too much sugar, too much smoke, too little sleep (though I got more than others), and still was the best thing I'd done all year. Erin had fun too, I'm pretty sure, but she's been busy with moving since we got back so I haven't actually talked to her since.

I don't know. Life is kinda weird right now. I'm really, really wanting to move out, but my best option for moving out is Christina and Heathe, and they've decided to move in with Christina's dad for a while to save money, re-build their credit and help family. Which is fine and dandy, really. And I can do the same if I can get a second job. I'm really glad I'm breaking even (more or less) with my library job, but I'd like to do better than breaking-even when I'm living with my folks.

And I would like to know what it's like to live by myself. Ooh, and I just looked at some more apartment listings, and there's one-bedrooms for $500 on the other end of town. With pets allowed and a fitness center. Hefty but one-time deposit for pets. All told, I'd need a deposit of $500 (+? does tax apply?) to move in. (For any who care, this is the place I'm considering. Looks okay to me.)

Since I'm only making a minimum of $448 at the library per month, I'd definitely need another job. But I need that anyway.

So, nothing has really changed. Stuff has happened, but not enough, I guess.

Still in a holding pattern.

Still hoping for better. I haven't been back to a Starbuck's, so I haven't gotten to turn in the application(s).

....and I'm just rambling at this point. I started this thing before I went to work, so I guess I should post it now, huh?
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Still alive. Mostly.

Still working. On my summer schedule now (yay, no more Monday morning shelving shift!), and RFID is over, so no more of those shifts.

Mowing the lawn tomorrow, weather permitting. Last time I was going to try it rained for two days. We'll see how that goes.

Trying my hand at gardening. It's only sort-of working...

Rediscovered my love of Sims2. Have been playing it nearly obsessively. Thus, have not been around for chat or LJ or anything.

I have, however, forced myself to get out and about a little bit. Went on a hugely long walk with Erin today (walked for a couple hours, got a bit burned but not much).

Oh! Erin and I bought our plane tickets for July! We are going to Hiawatha! ...and if for some gods-forsaken reason we don't manage, we'll be eating $326 tickets... Bleh.

In other news, I still want a pet. Still can't have one, but still want one.

Still looking for another job. But still haven't turned in application for sub sandwich delivery. And it would be an okay job because it's right next to my friend's salon, so I could hang out with her more. But I'm quite frankly not sure Hermes could take it. And with gas prices, I'm not sure what kind of actual profit I would be making anyway. How does that work, anyway?

Also, I hope this whole gas crisis thing means that American cities/towns will get better public transpo going. Not that I can use it right now, but I like to think I would if I lived in town. Or I'd bike or walk, and only drive if I was going grocery shopping, or something that required hauling.

...um, yeah. That's it.
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Well, it was when I brought this up, then I got distracted. It's after one now, but I got all this done before, I swear!

I just planted. I planted some astera flowers, some moonflowers, some lettuce and some basil. Actually, I "planted" them to get sprouts, which I hope they do.

Then I transplanted some of the plants I've been growing for a month or so now, clippings that I got from the greenhouse.

I also planted these small container plants my sister got. She got me a coffee plant (let's hope it grows! I can learn to make my own brew...maybe, or I can just enjoy the smell of coffee) and she got mom a mix of pink flowers that has the breast cancer ribbon all over the packaging. *shrug*

So, I've been moderately productive today!


Also? My glasses broke. I have them taped right now, but it's time for a new prescription anyway. So, either I'll pay for it out of pocket and save up a couple paychecks, or I'll use the credit card and do it sometime next week. Toss-up, and I'll have to check around for prices...


Have decided I won't move out, at least not for another half-year or so. I want to stay here, possibly contribute something to the house (even if it's just buying groceries or something), and open up another savings account. Of course, I'll still be just about breaking even if I don't get a second job. But I did have an interview at Blockbuster, but I kinda doubt I'll be hired. They want someone to hard sell stuff, and I won't do that. If they just wanted another clerk, I'd kick ass. *shrug*

Oh well. Keep looking. There's delivery drivers needed. If only Hermes could take it...


Oh! I might be having a shift change at the library, so I won't be working at 8 o'clock on Monday morning anymore. that would be nice. All my other shifts start after noon, and I'd just like some consistency in my shifts. But that won't be happening (if it does) until June. So there you go...
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Fuck shit damn shit fuck!

Time to pay the piper.

Or, in our case, the medical bills.

So, mom got a $3500 check from one of her clients that she literally pulled several all-nighters for the rush job for this money. She deposits it in the bank, and then it's gone.


Straight to the hospital to pay off medical bills, without even letting her know.

Daddy hasn't had money taken out of his account yet, but it's probably only a matter of time.

This is not good.

This is also going to push back my moving out by quite a lot, since I want to help.

I need that second job. Like, now.

And, to top it all off, my grandfather is coming to visit now. While Babatunde is here. So we'll have two guests and major financial problems at the same time.


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(Sorry Ryan, you're getting this twice)

My Monthly expenses:

Cell phone: $35
ISP: $11
Loan Repayment: $130
Netflix: $15
Credit Card: $125-ish (gas, basically)

Total: $316 +/- credit card payments

All that, I can afford on the basic salary at the library, based on 12 hours a week ($340/month).

If I move out, I'm looking at the added expense of probably $500-600 with rent ($300-400) and groceries ($200 give-or-take).

So, if I find another job at the same pay ($8/hr, which works out with taxes and shit to a functional $7) that'll give me 16-20 or more hours a week, I'll be earning something like $448-560/month with that job (or more would be nice). Which would put my total monthly income at $748-900/month.

It almost works (if I ditch Netflix it's even closer). If I can find a job that will work around the library job, and give me up to 25-30 hours a week (in four full days with no library shifts, Mondays after-noon and Friday and Saturday mornings), it could work. Or if, *gasp* I find a job that pays more (like $9/hr to give me a functional $8), I'll actually have extra money after paying for everything.

But the problem in finding a job in Fort Collins in the summer is that it's all either seasonal (camp counselors and staff for summer-time resorts and just no), which won't do me much good in the long run anyway, or full-time, which means I'd have to quit the library which would make me very, very sad and screw with my career goals. You'd think there'd be more jobs in the summer with the college-student pool much reduced, but that actually means that not a lot of places hire because of the lower population.

I mean, hellfires, Erin works full time, often more than, and she's barely breaking even.

It should not be this hard to have a life...
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So, the last couple weeks have been interesting, mostly in the job area of my life.

See, last Thursday one of the guys at work called to ask if I could cover his 4:30-9 shift. I said yeah, of course, 'cause it's not like I have something else to do, ya know?

So, I got an extra 4.5-hour shift last week, which was nice. Put me at 16.5 hours for last week.

Monday morning for my shelving shift, I go in, and pick up two Thursday shfits for this week and next week, putting me at 16 hours for the next two weeks as well. All to the good.

Then on Tuesday morning, one of the gals calls and is apparently really sick, and wondering if I could cover her 12:30-5 shift. I have to call the manager because that puts me over 20 hours in one week (by .5 hours but still), and I have to get her approval. She says no problem, go for it.

So, with the extra shift I'm working today and the one on Tuesday, I have 20.5 hours this week. Yay!

But...I still need to find a second job. If I get a second job, even a part-time one, I can afford to move out if Christina and Heathe get a house. ...I think. I mean, they haven't gotten the house yet so they don't know what their mortgage will be, so they haven't done the math yet. But if I do get a second job sometime soon, I can stay at home for a couple more months, hopefully put away some money for savings/kick in some money to my parents for their being wonderful about my being unemployed for six months. But even another 12 hour/week job would just about double my monthly income (about $340/month w/o extra shifts) so I could afford half-rent on an apartment, or cheap rent in a friend's place.

So, I actually have two or three options for moving out.

1) Christina and Heathe are looking at buying a house, preferably with a finished basement near-apartment for their renter(s). And they have asked me to move in. Actually, Heathe did several months ago when he said, "You gotta hurry up and find a job so you can move in." Which was very nice to hear, as he doesn't like many of Christina's friends. That was very flattering. The lease for their apartment is up at the end of July.

Pros: Good friends, a promised written contract so no weird surprises, can have whatever pets I want, house = more space. Cons: Friends, so it might go wrong, possibly higher price depending on the monthly mortgage payment.

2) A gal at work is looking at buying a condo (and has put in an offer, actually). Her apartment lease is up in May, so it's a little sooner. Even if I do get a second job between now and then, I'm not sure about moving in with her. I mean, a) I just met her, b) Christina and Heathe asked first, and c) I still want to squirrel some away in savings before I move out, and I don't think I'd be able to do it with the May deadline. And d) she's allergic to cats, so I couldn't have a cat. I could get a dog, though.

3) I could move in with Erin at her apartment, since her roommate is moving out when their lease is done. It's in a great location, it allows cats (well, one since Erin has one already) but not dogs. But it does have high-speed Internet and I'm pretty sure I could live with Erin. On the other hand, her brother has expressed an interest in moving in with her, and she's talked about moving back home to save money to pay off her credit cards, so we'll see how this plays out.

But I think I'm more than ready to live somewhere else. I love my mom and dad, but not living with my sister would be really nice. And living someplace closer to town where I can walk/bike/bus to places would be nice, save money on gas.

And the big thing is that I want pets. I have three cats right now that I can only pet if they're in just the right mood, otherwise they'll take off skin getting away. I want a cat that likes to be petted, that likes to be picked up. And I want a dog again. Not only are they wonderful, but having a dog would force me to exercise more, if only just walking the dog. I like that. And I'm more likely to exercise if I'm keeping my dog healthy.

Speaking of exercise, though, I'd still kinda like to join a gym, and it's a lot harder to justify the expense and motivate myself to go when it takes half an hour to get there. Of course, I might not be able to afford a gym if I do move out. *sigh* Finances suck.

So, anyway, that's my new holding-pattern. Waiting to see if I can get a second job around the job I really want, and waiting to see if it'll do me enough good to move out before the college kids come back after summer.
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My parents have, combined, upwards of $70,000 in debt.

This sucks so hard.

My icon is dedicated to the fuckers in the health care industry...


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