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Nefret has started playing catch. Well, sort of. It's adorable and I'll try to get a movie-thing of it soon. She catches pretty well for someone without thumbs...

So... life goes on. I signed up for Inboxdollars, which has been interesting so far. I get an e-mail, I click, they credit a couple cents to my account. And I don't have to give out my billing info, so it's all good. They'll send me a check when it gets to something like $30.

I have two pet-sitting gigs happening in the next two weeks, so that's going to be a nice bit of cash in my pocket.

Still being a wanker and not turning in applications for other jobs because I'm a procrastinator and a chicken.

I actually managed to do laundry the other day. Two full loads, even, without my sister whining that she needs the machines.

I really wish I could think of something to say. But I really can't. It's just been more of the same for me.

My parents seem to have almost gotten a couple puppies today. But they resisted. Daddy says he's not "ready" for another dog. It's been seven years since we had to put Dixie down. I'm not ready for another dog either, but that's because mom and I will be doing the bulk of the care because dad's never home...


And now for something completely different. From Foreantimes.com headlines:

Greeks used checmical warfare in ancient times. Yeah, I'm sorry, but didn't someone already come to this conclusion, like, years ago? And wrote a book about it?

Orangutan apparently taught herself (her name is Bonnie *forehead smack*) to whistle.

Plague of Porcupines in Colorado. (I'll take "plagues that didn't make it into the Bible for $400, Alex...)

Cute but disturbingly big ears....


I haven't decided if I want to watch anything on Tuesday or not. On the one hand, hey, historic moment here. On the other hand... ugh, politics. Will think on it...
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So I do manage to post something today.

~ I did finish Stiff: the Curious Lives of Human Cadavers and it was as awesome as I thought it would be. High recommended reading, even if some parts of it did make me want to gag.

~ Halloween party was fun last night. The caramel apple bars are fabulous and actually pretty easy, which is a big plus.

~ Nefret has been getting bitey at me for a while. I think she's just getting a little stir-crazy because she now knows what's outside of this room, and she really loves the cat tower out in the basement hallway. Oh well, I'm hoping to be able to let her out after her follow-up vet visit on Monday.

~ Daylight savings time tonight, whoo! Extra hours of sleep! ...Ooops, sorry Dee, didn't mean to rub it in. That sucks that they're not compensating you somehow...

~ Haven't written anything on my NaNo yet. I'm going to try to get some out by the time I have to crash, or I might try to overcompensate tomorrow. We'll see how that works out...

~ Voted on Halloween, in costume. That was actually really cool, and speedy. I was in and out in no time. Now I just have to wait impatiently for the results...

Okay, off to try to pound out some NaNo story! ...I don't even have a title yet...
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So, I've come to the conclusion, after being fed up with political ads at the local and national level.

Politicians are just spoilt rich children whining to mommy about what so-and-so said about them.

Finger-pointing, whining, tattling, nyeh-nyeh language ("Well, I'm going to do this! What do you think of that?")

I say we send them for a time-out as long as this stupid behavior continues.

For fuck's sake people, this should not be about who can whine the loudest about how the other side is being so darn mean. This is not about who said what about what party at what time, and who one side met when they were eight, or what one senator did to his wife.

I, personally, don't give a fuck if I want to have a nice drink with my chosen presidential/senatorial/what-the-fuck-ever candidate. I want someone who is going to represent me and mine in a fair way, and not end up pressing the big red button or completely fucking over the economy, or keeping my parents in debt just because it suits certain interest groups. I don't care if I like the person, so stop trying to make me. It's completely, utterly irrelevant to my political thinking. I've been told George Bush is a very nice person when you meet him, from Republicans and Democrats alike. That doesn't mean I like a single thing he's done to this country (and at this point I'm not sure it would stop me from punching him in the face and shouting, "It's pronounced nu-clee-ar you monkey's ass! If you're in charge of it, learn to pronounce it!"). So stop trying to convince me to vote for your side based on your personality. Show me you can get shit done, show me you can lead this country, show me you can do good things for people. Show me something good, and stop trying to make me like you and dislike your competition. I hated school the first time around, and these playground popularity-contest flashbacks aren't doing my issues any favors.

Grow up, you stupid political children.

Stop acting like nitwits, and start talking about you and only you. Your plans, your hopes, your skills, your history. Don't bother pointing out the other side or comparing yourself to that. That's what we-the-people (theoretically) have brains for*. And failing brains, that's what we've got political commentators for, to tell us what to think.

Stop stooping. Stop mud-slinging. Stop pointing out the errors your opponent is making; it makes you look smaller.

Just. Fucking. Stop.

Grow up and start behaving like adults. I don't want children in charge of this country.

Don't make me get out the sharp pointy things.

*I know, I know, shut up. Let me have my illusions...

P.S. Now, really, who would've thought that I'd ever make a political post? Next time, kitty!


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