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This is so not directed at anyone on here, but the cranks (on both sides of the issue) who are keeping the "War On Christmas" bullshit alive. Just want to get this off my chest without being officially kicked out of that side of the family...

Some of my dad's family keeps making pointed posts about how they're going to keep saying "CHRISTMAS" thank you very much. Here's a post from my second cousin's FB wall: Whiny majority bullshit behind cut )

Like they're saying, "How dare you try to make me acknowledge Others? I am not Other, so I don't have to say Other!"

And the worst of all, the "I respect that". As if everyone else needs your fucking blessing to worship the way they will or won't? ARRGH!

And to what is essentially "my side": not being able to say Christmas, (as I guess some schools are doing? I hope that's wrong, please tell me it's wrong) is just as stupid. And worse, you're making the cranks who think "Happy Holidays" is a WAR ON CHRISTMAS OMG right! So please stop that, thanks.

Happy Holidays is supposed to be inclusive, and whatever the hell you celebrate, I wish it to be happy.

I kind of wish I could just say "Fuck You!" instead of anything (to those people) at this point. I'd get to be sincere and they'd get to be outraged for a real reason...

To those people who are not getting all up in arms about "Happy Holidays", I wish you a Merry Christmas, a Blessed Yule, Bright Solstice, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and/or Happy Non-Denominational Winter Festivities Day.

...see how much faster it is to just say "Happy Holidays"?
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I have come to the oh-so-original conclusion that our society is getting lazier. Specifically, I have seen way too many of those "servings of vegetables" bullshit ads. I know they're trying to promote their foods as "healthy" but you know what? It just makes you and the American eating public just look really stupid. It's bad enough most of us don't know how to eat a balanced, healthy meal, and then you start encouraging kids to eat stuff like Manwich and Chef Boyardee to get their vegetables?!

1) you are pandering to stupid spoiled children and 2) you are enabling stupid, useless parents who can't tell their children to eat their fucking vegetables. For goodness sake, people it's not that hard! Instead of making them choke down over-processed shit like Chef Boyardee and Manwich and those gross-tasting (yes, I have tried them) V8 Fruit smoothie things with vegetable juice "disguised" in it, teach your children to eat vegetables!

*grumbles* Lazy-ass society...


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