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Nearly, anyway.

For my personal yearly calendar, I've got the time between my birthday (the 11th) and Samhain (the 31st) to prepare myself for the new year. Yes, this is completely arbitrary but I find it fun and useful for me.

My goals for the new year (not Resolutions because everyone knows those are never really kept) and in no particular order...

1. Let myself learn how to dance
2. Make some actual decisions regarding my future
3. Get a workout schedule established and stick with it
4. Continue trying to better my eating habits
6. Make a proposal for the 2010 Sirens, on any of the six or seven ideas I have...
7. Be more proactive in something
8. Save more money
9. Try to be something more of a grownup, whatever that means...

Let's stick with nine. I couldn't think of any more and nine is a nice number.

At Sirens

Oct. 2nd, 2009 05:48 pm
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Well, technically the hotel we're staying at in lieu of staying at the spa/hotel Sirens is at.

I am having so much fun! And they're doing it again next year!

Going to have to start saving so we can stay at the same hotel as the conference next year, which would be way more convenient (and swanky, if it's the same place).

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I keep meaning to blog stuff, but honestly, there's not really much to say.

I guess I could bitch about the stupid patrons I get, but I could do that over at [livejournal.com profile] library_mofo just as easily...Not that I do it there, either.

Unfortunately, most of what I have to report is only interesting in the fandom front. I've totally fallen in love with Leverage, Criminal Minds, and I've been watching episodes of Daria that I've had on my computer for years and only barely glanced at...

Ooh, on the Sirens front, I reserved and paid for the hotel. And I made a deal with Erin that if she would make a Chicks With Swords T-shirt design I'd pay for part of her room fee too. Her credit card bills are way higher than mine (a couple years in France will apparently do that...) and it's not that big a deal to me. But I want that t-shirt design, and I'm going to put morskimusic.com across the bottom. One of my boss-friends has a screenprinting kit, so I have no issues with actually printing the design, but as I can't draw to save my life I need someone to do a design for me.

Also on the Sirens front, I'm finally reading one of the authors that isn't Tamora Pierce. Kristin Cashor's Graceling came into the library on CD audio book, and I got it first. It's extremely enjoyable, with a fairly unique premise. Full review may or may not follow, depending on my motivation. But I still need to read Sherwood Smith's Crown Duel which has been on my shelf for years, but since she is going to be at Sirens I figure I should at least try to read something. Seems a bit rude to go all fangirly over Tamora Pierce and be all, "Your books are on my to-read list! Seriously!"

*sigh* Time marches on. Going to be 25 in roughly two months. Woo. Go me.
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Until Sirens, that is. Three and a half, give or take a few days, anyway.

I'm registered, Erin's registered, and I just really want to go and have a good time. I haven't been to Vail in a long-ass time, and never on my own. Oh! Indy's first road trip!

That's the other bit of news, too. I can't go to Hiawatha 'cause Erin backed out and I can't afford expenses by myself. But it's a hand-off, because I get to go to the Colorado Ren Fest that weekend, which is the music and dance weekend, and maybe I can pick up some more bellydance music. I'm totally addicted to it. Bellydance and Blackmore's Night is my kick for now. It was metal and country a while ago, don't ask me why...

Anyway, Sirens! It is going to be so much fun! They've put up the list of presentations, roundtables and workshops, and I'm excited for several of them. But they haven't posted the schedule yet, so I don't know if they're going to overlap each other or what.

The ones below are the ones I'm excited to go to with the descriptions from the website. )

Whee! I'm really excited about this! My first conference!


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