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I have been working at the library for two years now. Definitely the longest job I've ever held, which is sort of sad, but still.

Tonight I'm going to come home and fill out the application for Albertson's. Because really, I need a second job, and if I can get one at a grocery store I will get an employee discount on my groceries. Which would be awesome for when I finally move out and actually have to pay my own grocery bill.

So, yeah. I've just been putting it off because that's what I do. I lack follow-through...

I'm also thinking of trying to work out again. (Heard that before, haven't you?) I still have several visits on the pass I bought a year and a half ago, and I have the money right now to refill it if necessary. I even still have my gym bag in my car, although it's probably totally rank by now...

Oh well. Time to get ready for work.
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New Year's Resolutions!

1. Keep better track of my finances. I won't have that cushion of not-my-money in my account to keep me afloat if I overdraw. Also, start a saving's account at some point after I get a second job.

2. Get a second job (that hopefully won't kill me)...

3. Do something. Do anything besides the same old shit over and over again.

4. Get out of my comfort zone.

5. Travel. Somewhere. Even if it's just to the mountains for a nice drive. Get out!

6. Write something that's not fanfiction. I like my fanfiction, but I won NaNo this year, and I really want to make that one not suck.

7. Be more proactive. Which means sticking up for myself even if it's going to cause strife. Fuck strife. Fuck my Libra, gotta-make-peace tendencies. They stop now.

8. Use the damn gym. At least twice a week.

9. Take the GRE. Start working on grad school stuff.

10. Move out?


Sep. 4th, 2008 10:26 pm
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Okay, seriously. This is getting out of hand. I worked out on Tuesday. I stretched, warmed up before hand. I thought I was taking it easy. I didn't hurt afterwards except for that nice after-workout ache.

Yesterday, my right hamstring and both my upper arm/shoulders areas start really fucking hurting. I can move, but basically the full range of motion hurts. The hamstring hurts worse if I straighten it than it does if my knee is bent, but not by much.

I applied hotpads this morning before work. I made sure to move at work so I didn't stiffen up. I took painkillers. I took a hot bath with epsom salts tonight.

And it still hurts.

This is ridiculous. I did 20-30 reps on the weight machines, easy weights. I did the stair machine for only 10 minutes at easy to low-medium settings. I walked for one mile at 3-4 mph (varied).

I should not be in this much pain, damn it!

This is not good.

Will this pass, or did I do some real damage?


Oh, something that is good: mom doesn't have brain cancer! Yay!

...I was trying not to think about it, so I didn't write about it. But mom's been having really bad headaches for a month and a half or more now. Like, debilitating headaches. And since last summer, I basically assume the worst. So mom asks her doctors about it, and they recommend an MRI. So she got one.

Found out today that there is no cancer in her brain. Score!


Oooh, something else good!

Fall is coming! My favorite season! No more swealtering, record-breaking high temperatures! Foliage turning, the air growing crisp, the bugs going away...I love fall!
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Oof, I'd forgotten how good it feels to work out. I did my pilates DVD two days ago and I'm still feeling it. I like it, don't get me wrong, but I'd forgotten it.

Today is my first shift at the lab. I now have 21 hours/week on every paycheck, which should put me somewhere around $570/mo for earnings, barring any picked-up shifts or extra work. If I stop being stupid with money, this should allow me to start saving for the holidays, and possibly pay off my credit card a lot more, so I'm not hovering on the verge of going over...which I hate.

Have thought about getting a membership at a gym. There's a rec-center type thing on the north end of Ft. Collins (nearest my house, though that's almost irrelevant, but it is on my way to work!), and a 25-visit pass costs $80. If I go three days a week, that's eight weeks + 1 visit, if I go four times a week that's six weeks + 1 visit. Either of which is awesome. I could go in before work three/four days a week, shower, and have time to cool down before I go to work. It's closed after I get off work four days out of five, though, so that sucks... And I could intersperse it with home workouts/walks/attempting to jog...

On the other hand, there's a more expensive gym that's not actually that much further into town. It would be something like $50-60 month, but that would be unlimited, off-peak-hours (which are more convenient for me anyway), plus a pool, raquetball courts in addition to gym equipment.

But as much as I like swimming, I prefer to do it for fun rather than fitness, and I don't play raquetball. I think I'll at least start with the $80 pass when I have $80, that is. Which should be tomorrow...

So, yeah. I'm still alive.
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There's a shock....

So, yeah. The bank job offer fell through. I called back the next day to tell the hiring person that it wasn't likely I would be able to change my schedule to fit the work shift. And she said that she'd thought about it and that she also needed someone who'd be able to cover shifts for other people, so a flexible schedule was necessary. So, there went that one.

Oh well. It was really nice that she seemed to really want me for the job. I have no idea why, possibly I was one of the only people to send in a resume. I don't know.

In fitness news (not that there's really any news...) I've decided to try bellydancing. Of course this "decision" is still in the research phase for me, which can last for years. I have a book out of the library, a couple items (two CDs and a DVD, I believe) on request from Prospector, and a borrowed DVD from Erin. I kinda want to take a class, and get some real-time instruction on it, but I have trouble dancing when it's just me, much less in a class full of people. So, we'll see how it goes. If I like the stuff I have so far, I'll see about taking classes.

Oh, and in other "classes" news, I've given some serious thought to becoming a paralegal. I was looking at some of the stuff on Craig's list, and some of the paralegal positions up there earn $34/hour. Erin was offered basically a paralegal-training job, and that started at $11/hour. And it sounds like something I would be good at. I love research, I like writing, and I like to think I'm decent at both things.

There are two ways I could do the paralegal thing: Go back to community college and get a certificate, or find someplace that wants to hire a part-time paralegal to train. With the certificate, I could charge more, but it's going to cost more money in the immediate future. The paralegal-to-train job would have better immediate results, but I'm not sure there's too much of a market for that. Although some professional association of paralegals website states that there's a huge anticipated upswing in paralegal jobs, because they cost less than lawyers. So apparently, from private to government law places are trying to get more paralegals to do more of the work that lawyers do, and fewer lawyers to do what only lawyers can do.

But I need to do more research on the subject. The paralegal-to-train job doesn't mean I can't go and get a certificate if I want it, of course.


Today is my day off, and I've done nothing except the dishes, basically. I just had six days with work in a row, so I don't feel all that bad, but still.

Oh, yeah, and my sister took off yesterday for Utah to visit her best friend. I don't know how she's paying for it, but whatever.Guess she wanted to go before school starts up again.

Okay, book rec:

The World Without Us. Okay, so I haven't gotten to read it yet, but it looks totally fascinating. I've had my eye on it for about a year now, and it only just occurred to me to look for a book on CD, which I now have in my possession. So yay. Will let you know when I finish it how it actually is.

Edit: Holy crap, Cait, I was just looking at some of the reviews, and the first review listed is by Louise Erdrich. She liked it a lot. Gave it a paragraph for a cover quote.
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A Fat Rant. I so adore this video.

And there's two others now by the same person, but one of them bores me. This one is cool, though:

Fat Rant 3: Staircase Wit


In other news...

I have Witchblade! I am a happy happy fangirl.

This series is so awesome. Not too many special features, but I really just wanted the show, anyway.

Hmm...well, today started a string of six days with shifts in a row. Not horrible, of course, since they're only 4-hour shifts, but still. I did feel sorry for a patron today, because he'd returned an item in one of our remote drop boxes and it never got here. And a couple things he returned at the same time did. So, either it got lost somehow, or someone took it. He claims the bin was really full, and he had to cram it in (which of course begs the question of why didn't he just return it in either another bin or at the library rather than cram stuff into the bin, but whatever). And it's still his responsibility until it gets checked in. Sucks for him. But it is only gonna cost him $33 to replace the thing, and it could be a lot worse...

Anyhoo, nothing really special about today, but nothing horrible either.

Oooh, wait, yes there is! I drove by one of the big pastures full of horses today, and I got to see all the babies! There were seven or so babies, all close to the fence. So cute.
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Okay. So, I woke up sick. Actually, I woke up with a tickle in my throat yesterday, but this morning I wake up and when I turn over in bed the whole world starts spinning with me as the axis.


So I get up for breakfast, dose myself with DayQuil and ibuprofin, then take my vitamins and some extra Vitamin C, just in case.

But I was stupid, and took my vitamins without eating something so about fifteen minutes later, as the food was ready, I got horribly dizzy and nauseated, and had to get out of the kitchen and away from food smells. That's what happens when I take my vitamins on an empty stomach. Duh.

So, I recover from the horrible sick, eat breakfast. But the world still spins when I tilt my head to any degree at all.

Then it started snowing. It's not even technically freezing, so it's thick, wet snow that's probably going to be total ice. Lucky for my sister, it's Spring Break so she doesn't have to be out at whatever-o'clock in the morning to chip off her car.

I, however, have a shelving shift at 8 in the morning. I have to leave by probably 7:15 tomorrow to make sure I get there on time and in one piece, and that means going out to start my car up at about 7 to get it properly warmed up and cleaned off so I don't run into something on the road.

And boy is shelving going to be fun when the world tilts every time I move my head.

Well, let's see how I take this... I've got five shifts this week, my shelving shift tomorrow, and then circulation shifts Wed-Sat at different times. Whoo. But money=yay and I need to remember to do my direct-deposit paperwork so I don't have to haul ass to the bank before shift every Friday...

I blame the germ-factory kids running around the library...


In happier news, I finally watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang which I've had from Netflix for, like, two weeks. It's funny in a totally psychotic way. It's just ... weird. I liked it and all, but I'm not sure I'd recommend it to anyone.

I also got to watch the DVD I got from work American Bellydancer which is about the Bellydance Superstars and Desert Rose Troupe and how they got started by a jackass music promoter. Very cool, and I recommend it. I haven't gotten to listen to the accompanying CD of bellydance music, but I'm anticipating enjoying it.

I still want to take lessons, but I can barely dance when I'm alone, much less in a class... I did try to borrow Erin's bellydance work out DVD, but I never did it... Oh well.

P.S. Hee, I never get to use this icon...


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