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So...yeah. Yesterday was fun. Not.

Actually, I was all set for yesterday to be fun: I got called in for a double shift at the library, whoo! money! And between those double shifts I had a meeting about the project I and two others are going to be in charge of. And all that was great; I was cheerful, even energetic, which as we all know is weird as hell for me.

And then an hour or so into the first shift, I start to get this headache. Okay, I thought. I'm dehydrated. So I drank two glasses of water on my break and kept making runs to the water fountain when I wasn't working like crazy. When it didn't go away by the end of that shift, I thought, I've been having a lot of caffeine lately, maybe it's a lack-of-caffeine headache. So in the hour between shifts I walked down to Starschmuck's and got a coffee and a parfait. All through the meeting my head was pounding like crazy.

Okay, I thought. My hair is tied up pretty tight and I sometimes get headaches from that. So during my second-shift break I took it down and sat with my head back and my eyes closed. Absolutely no improvement.

So an hour before closing I call my mom and ask her to come pick me up at closing. The thought of driving home against the dark and bright headlights with a pounding headache did not appeal at all.

I got through the shift, hopefully didn't slack too much.

Mom picks me up with the puppy in tow and takes me home. I get home and have a piece of leftover Papa John pizza and immediately feel better. So now I'm wondering if it was just that I wanted to be home, or if it was some sort of lack-of-carb headache? But that doesn't make sense because I had a mocha with whipped cream at Starschmuck's and that has carbs like whoa. *shrug* Stupid brain.

Might also have been that I got up an hour and a half earlier than normal because yesterday, Unpleasant boss-lady decided to call my house before 6:30 in the morning. "Did I wake you up?" she asked. Of course you woke me up, bitch! "Yeah, a little," I reply, because I'm still half asleep and trying to be nice. You also woke up my parents and my sister, so thanks for that from my whole damn household. But anyway, she's calling to tell me that she can't afford to pay me so I won't be called in for the rest of this week. Fine and dandy, I think.

And speaking of Unpleasant boss-lady, I had a dream last night where I quit the job and she started crying. I'm like, WTF brain? I've never heard the woman laugh much less cry. And over me quitting? I don't think so.

And then she calls me this morning at eight-ish, which is a more reasonable time. I was mostly awake, just putting off getting out of bed. She says I can now cash the check she gave me last week, and she might want me in tomorrow, depending on how her checking account looks.

I've pretty much had it with this playing-by-ear shit. I like having a mostly-set schedule at the library. It makes me happy because I know what to expect and when.

Oy. Okay. I need to go get breakfast.

Frustration is annoying.


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