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I am sitting at Panera with Michael and Magellan Jr's. And I am content.

I've been deeply cranky for the last few days, partly because of stupid-ass hormones, partly because I don't like my new boss-lady.

But I get to sit in Panera, have a yummy lunch, listen to great music, and play on my new toy.

Am thinking that the juniors need new names. But I love Magellan for an iPod. I came up with it before there was a lame GPS by that name anyway... And Michael is Junior. Oh well. I guess they'll just stay Juniors, unless I can come up with something I like even better.

I've got another hour and a half before I have to go to work at the library, and I already did three hours with unpleasant boss-lady. I capped it off with helping her with her computer problems, though, so I think it's getting a bit better there. We'll see, I guess.

I swear, Magellan Jr is trying to cheer me up. Played a whole bunch of Lostprophets and now he's playing "We Still Kill The Old Way" which is one of my absolute favorites of their's. Okay, so all of them are one of my absolute favorites, but still.

I got to play Sid Meier's Pirates! yesterday, which was diverting and fun. I re-watched 6/7th Generation Kill while I played, even if it was backwards because my computer faces away from my TV and I put up a mirror so I could see the TV screen. Which means I can't put on closed captioning. I mean, I can read mirror-printing but it takes me longer than the dialogue is on the screen to do so. But that means that I missed a whole bunch of funny dialogue just because the guy playing Ray can talk so damn fast. You'd think I'd be used to that with Rodney McKay on SGA, but apparently not...

Okay, I'm just babbling now. Off I go to play some more!


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