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I have been working at the library for two years now. Definitely the longest job I've ever held, which is sort of sad, but still.

Tonight I'm going to come home and fill out the application for Albertson's. Because really, I need a second job, and if I can get one at a grocery store I will get an employee discount on my groceries. Which would be awesome for when I finally move out and actually have to pay my own grocery bill.

So, yeah. I've just been putting it off because that's what I do. I lack follow-through...

I'm also thinking of trying to work out again. (Heard that before, haven't you?) I still have several visits on the pass I bought a year and a half ago, and I have the money right now to refill it if necessary. I even still have my gym bag in my car, although it's probably totally rank by now...

Oh well. Time to get ready for work.
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And I was doing so well, too. I was getting up around 8 in the morning last week, which was nice. Gave me plenty of time to make coffee and breakfast, dink around on the computer and then go and walk the dog.

And it all fell apart today because I don't have to go to work and so I slept through my alarm (or turned it off without fully waking up, more likely, but the result is the same...) and so didn't get up until 10-ish. And I haven't had my coffee yet, but that's okay because my favorite coffee house in town has opened up again.

Anyway, my library circulated 3 million items last year, actually, 3 million items a couple days short of last year, which means it was more like 3 million and change, but still. That's a fucking lot of items, and also explains why we had to add another hold shelf and I've been issuing new cards like crazy.

We have been very busy at work lately. Which is good, but it's overwhelming right now because we don't have our work study people because they're still on vacation. They come back next week but that doesn't really help us when we have only three people in the afternoon shift and we need two people in the check-in room to handle all the incoming stuff, one person at the desk, one person at self checks, one person running paging slips and another to call holds. That's three more people than we actually have and so everyone is running around like crazy.

It's great that we're busy, don't get me wrong. Job security and all that. But this happened last January, too, and I swear it's all because of resoultions. People resolve to save money in the new year and a big part of that is using the library when they hadn't previously. Unfortunately, it also means that people with large fines that they "didn't know about" (I don't care, you still have to take care of them) or worse have gone to collections come in, hoping to save money and then end up having to pay. Or get indignant and storm off saying they won't pay those fines and they'll never set foot in the library again. Fine, but it'll be reported to your credit agency and that is utterly not my problem.

...Where was I?

Right. Busy. Busy busy. I miss our workstudies. It seems we get a few every semester who just applied at the library because they think it'll be an easy job (haha), but this year I think we got a really good bunch who actually seem to have a work ethic and maybe even enjoy the library. Gasp! Eternal geekdom, of course.

Meh. I'm just waiting for my cell phone to charge so I can head out. I might actually go and work out today, or I might just take the puppy on a longer walk. We'll see.
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I am ... in a rut. Of course, when am I not?

No signs of anyone hiring until the holiday season, so, fine, I'll bide my time and apply again at the end of October. I even asked at Wal-Mart and found they were in a hiring freeze. Sign of the times...

Anyway, my luck I'll get a second job just as NaNo starts. Except maybe not because my friend at the library is organizing a whole bunch of NaNo stuff, because she's the regional liaison-person, and I might be getting some extra hours from helping her out. I'm only a little nervous because she seems to want to stick me with the middle-school aged kids. So we'll see how that goes...

I'm reminded of this because I just signed on as an educator in the young writer's program, so we can get an additional kit.

My friend is very...engaged. She used to be a teacher, so she's much better with kids. She's got all kinds of ideas for making notebooks and handing out prizes/toys/motivational stuff. I listen to her and think, "Why can't I come up with stuff like that?"

I also got the latest GRE prep-book from the library. I just want to look at it, see what I'm in for if and when I decide to take the GRE. I test really well, especially standardized tests, so I'm not actively worried, but forewarned is forearmed and all that...
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I keep meaning to blog stuff, but honestly, there's not really much to say.

I guess I could bitch about the stupid patrons I get, but I could do that over at [livejournal.com profile] library_mofo just as easily...Not that I do it there, either.

Unfortunately, most of what I have to report is only interesting in the fandom front. I've totally fallen in love with Leverage, Criminal Minds, and I've been watching episodes of Daria that I've had on my computer for years and only barely glanced at...

Ooh, on the Sirens front, I reserved and paid for the hotel. And I made a deal with Erin that if she would make a Chicks With Swords T-shirt design I'd pay for part of her room fee too. Her credit card bills are way higher than mine (a couple years in France will apparently do that...) and it's not that big a deal to me. But I want that t-shirt design, and I'm going to put morskimusic.com across the bottom. One of my boss-friends has a screenprinting kit, so I have no issues with actually printing the design, but as I can't draw to save my life I need someone to do a design for me.

Also on the Sirens front, I'm finally reading one of the authors that isn't Tamora Pierce. Kristin Cashor's Graceling came into the library on CD audio book, and I got it first. It's extremely enjoyable, with a fairly unique premise. Full review may or may not follow, depending on my motivation. But I still need to read Sherwood Smith's Crown Duel which has been on my shelf for years, but since she is going to be at Sirens I figure I should at least try to read something. Seems a bit rude to go all fangirly over Tamora Pierce and be all, "Your books are on my to-read list! Seriously!"

*sigh* Time marches on. Going to be 25 in roughly two months. Woo. Go me.
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I did absolutely nothing useful all day. I should've mowed the lawn (but it rained). I should've done the dishes. I should've done my laundry, cleaned the bathroom, cleaned my room, done any number of useful things.

And yet...nothing.

Instead I alternately read an actual book (a rarity for me these days) and watched Criminal Minds. So addicted, you guys. Not even funny. Shemar Moore doesn't hurt either. Mmm, Shemar Moore.

Sorry, where was I?

Right. I'm thinking about filling out the FAFSA again. Debating the paralegal thing, the CSU records-management thing, or the online library school thing. For the last two I'm pretty sure I have to take the GRE, which I haven't done. Can I fill out the FAFSA just for curiosity purposes, or do I actually have to have someplace to send it? 'Cause I'd kinda like to know how much would be out of pocket and how much would be covered, but I don't want to commit to anything yet, because I am indecisive and I dither like mad.

Oh, and I don't work for unpleasant boss-lady anymore. Friday was my last three hours with her. I said something like, "I'm sorry it didn't work out." Her reply was something like, "Yeah, it really didn't. It was bad." (And of course, I'm just thinking, "Then why the hell did you keep me so long you useless bag of inertia?" But I am well rid of her and the job, except what the hell do I put on my resume now? Personal Assistant to a passive-aggressive woman with no personaily and fewer social skills?)

But I might have a line on a retail job, but it essentially means I'll be working right next to my sister (different stores but same owners and right next door). This...does not make me happy. In fact, the possibility makes me damn cranky, because those people love her (why is she only unpleasant to her family?) and so...yeah, no venting outlet at that work any more.

In weather related news, it's bloody fucking hot around here and I'm cranky about it. It's ridiculously humid, too, and we've been getting rain nearly every day. Muggy heat is not my happy climate. Maybe I should move to the Northwest Territories...

Oh, and I'm finishing up a course of anti-biotics, because the new doctor I went to see thinks my three weeks of sore throat was a combination of allergies and infected throat glands. So I'm taking a Zyrtek(sp?) knock-off a day and three anit-biotic pills a day. And I felt better after the first day, which is much improved over the last doctor's orders I got. Ear infection my ass.
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Okay. So. I have no excuse. I've just been distracted like whoa.

I have a new car. His name is Indy, for a variety of reasons. I am about to start decorating him, because he's my car and I can. I'm also going to make the first payment this week, so that's going to be fun. Another monthly expense away from being able to move out.

Speaking of, I think I'm going to find another job and quit the job with unpleasant boss-lady. I'm not what she wants, but I think she's keeping me around out of laziness, and I'm not making enough money to justify the hassel. As my friend pointed out, working a job you hate for decent pay is one thing, but a sucky job and sucky pay is just a losing formula. So there you go. Now the trick is finding another job that will work around my library job because I am not giving that up.

A quick meme, put your player on random and write down given number. (I think it was 15, but whatever.) No skipping embarrassing songs. )

....Can't say I have a predictable iTunes, now can you? The all-caps one drives me crazy but it is WAY too much trouble to fix it.

So had family come, had family leave, was sick while family was here which sucked.

I actually sucessfully cleaned yesterday. Got most of my clean clothes put away, and realized I have too many clothes that I don't wear, so I'm going to separate those out. There's a store opening soon that buys clothes for cash, so I'll put them in a bag and save them.

And now I'm going to open up Michael Jr., put on Pandora and get somewhere with One Bullet Away. I am under 10 items from the library, and I'm going to cut down on the books I get, because those are harder to get read than it is for me to listen to/rip CDs and watch movies.

Basically, I'm alive, getting through, but coasting as much as I ever have been.
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New Year's Resolutions!

1. Keep better track of my finances. I won't have that cushion of not-my-money in my account to keep me afloat if I overdraw. Also, start a saving's account at some point after I get a second job.

2. Get a second job (that hopefully won't kill me)...

3. Do something. Do anything besides the same old shit over and over again.

4. Get out of my comfort zone.

5. Travel. Somewhere. Even if it's just to the mountains for a nice drive. Get out!

6. Write something that's not fanfiction. I like my fanfiction, but I won NaNo this year, and I really want to make that one not suck.

7. Be more proactive. Which means sticking up for myself even if it's going to cause strife. Fuck strife. Fuck my Libra, gotta-make-peace tendencies. They stop now.

8. Use the damn gym. At least twice a week.

9. Take the GRE. Start working on grad school stuff.

10. Move out?


Nov. 16th, 2008 03:13 pm
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Oh my gods, you guys, I just applied for a vaguely supervisory position.

It's nearly double my current pay, but then I also have to deal with difficult customers. I have no idea where I stand in likelihood of actually getting it, but I took a step! That's something, right?

I feel a little lightheaded.

Grown-up? I doubt it sometimes...

Okay, I'm going to go try to get caught up on NaNo! At least this time I was actually procrastinating with a purpose!
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Well, sort of. But I did get two total nutters bothering me today.

The first was almost funny. I get this random IM asking if I write fanfiction, so I figure someone got my name off my old ff.net account (which I'm still thinking about taking down 'cause dear gods...) and wanted to talk to me or something.

But no. They're asking if I can write them an NC-17 Gilmore Girls fic.

O_O was my first reaction. NO! was my second. HA! was my third. I basically said, "Um, no. I don't watch or write GG at all anymore."

"please? I really want this fic and no one else will write it!"

"Write it yourself. Best way to get it done," says I.

"I won't take no for an answer." Ooh, the "bug them until they say yes". It works with mommy and daddy, so it must work with totally random strangers on the interwebs, right?

"You'll have to," I said. I thought I showed remarkable restraint, personally...

"ASSHOLE!" Oh, now we get the bitch fit. Goody.

"Damn straight," I said, tongue firmly in cheeck although they would never know. "You forgot 'bitch' and 'cocksucker' too. Grow up."

And then I blocked them.

I bet they're writing in their livedeadjournal (no offense to those who have deadjournals) about how darn mean I am.

And now, asshole #2.

So, I worked the lab for five hours today. Which basically involves signing people up to use computers, giving them headphones, and letting them know when their time is up if they stay for the 2-hour limit. Generally, I don't have a problem with people. Today though, I don't know, there was something going on.

No real jerks, just reluctant to part with the computers, which I completely understand.

But, at fifteen minutes to close, I make an announcement about impending closing. I do this every time, and I'm used to people not acknowledging the warnings but getting ready to sign off anyway.

I give the warning at two minutes, since we had some stragglers. I should add that everyone except Jerky Guy had headphones and still heard me give the announcement. But he's still there, oblivious to the world. I figure he's just procrastinating or something. So I make the announcement that I'm going to be shutting computers down very soon. Oddly enough, this announcement he hears. Go figure.

Jerky Guy: Oh, are you closing? I didn't know.
Me: I'm sorry. I didn't realize you hadn't heard the last three announcements. (And didn't notice everyone around you getting up to leave, and the message I sent to all computers warning of the lab closing...)
Jerky Guy: Well, you don't have to be so snotty.
Me: I'm used to people not acknowledging me, sir. I really didn't know you hadn't heard.
Jerky Guy: No, you were snotty on purpose. I guess that's why you work here; people who work here are snotty all the time.
Me: Yes, that must be it. (I said as he walked out the door.)

I wanted so so badly to say, "Then go find someplace else you can use a computer and internet for free, and stop hogging a computer that someone else might've wanted to use."

People expect a startling amount of preferential treatment for a free service...

Whew. Okay. I feel a bit better now. Of course, I'm also going to post this story to [livejournal.com profile] library_mofo so that'll be fun.
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Working at the library has lots of perks...

Last night I was doing cleanup for my shelving shift, going through the biography section. A mother and three kids (from six to maybe twelve, I think) were looking, seemingly trying to find something interesting before they had to go home. The mom kept trying to engage the kids, pointing out ones she thought might be interesting in attention-grabbing ways. I was thinking about telling them there were a lot more not yet filed under names, but under dewey numbers, lots of musicians, actors, sports stars, etc. but I wasn't sure they'd appreciate me interrupting.

Except I heard one of the daughters, so either ten or twelve-ish, say, "Hey, mom, who's Anias Nin?"

I about died. I tried to cover up my stifled laughter with coughing, but I decided to start my clean-up at the other end of the nonfiction...

I don't think she wanted her kids quite that engaged ...
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And the reply got a little too long, so I figured I'd make it a separate post, because the answer kind of deserves its own here.

So Jason asked, "What is it about either your area or yourself that is keeping you in the mode you appear to be in?...Understand that I'm not implying that minimum wage jobs are for lesser people--what I'm trying to say is that you worked hard through school. Don't you think you deserve something a bit more in keeping with your training?"

Wherein I talk about my job history, future plans, possible education plans, and possibilities )

P.S. Icon not directed at anyone, except maybe myself. I just love the quote and haven't gotten to use it yet...
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On the Yay! side of things: I've paid for everything (cell phone, DoE loan, credit card, ISP) already, so the next paycheck is mostly for fun. Well, fun and paying off the credit card even more, because I sort of went over the limit (and then was even worse because of fines and fees and that's the stupidest thing about banks). But next paycheck is going to be about $300, so I can pay $150 off the card and still have some money to play with.

On the Not!Yay! side of things: Sister still horrible to mom. They tried to go shopping yesterday, and of course it didn't work. Mom was mostly-not-joking about moving out. I really want to drop-kick my sister most of the time, but when she makes my mom cry I want to shoot her someplace painful with my arrows.

I want to tell her to stop being such a self-centered, stuck-up, passive-aggressive, mean, callous bitch, especially to our mother who of all people does not deserve to be treated like this. I want to tell her that it's really no wonder to me that she doesn't have a lot of friends, doesn't have a boyfriend, doesn't have a better job, or anything like that, because she thinks the world revolves around her and that's not particularly conducive to getting anywhere in life.

But of course, then I'd sound like a bitch, she'd get all self-riteous, Daddy would get pissed and have to pop a nitro, and I don't even know what mom would do.

And I think I just found out that my dad's being sued (or at least needs a legal-type mediator), which explains why he's been so pissy lately. Though it does make me think I should buy groceries after I get paid. I can do that.


I sent in two e-mails w/resumes for jobs that seem to be mostly telecommuting, which would be ideal.

I also picked up an app for B&N, and I'll be turning it in soon, Sunday or Monday maybe. I was talking to one of the employees when I asked for the app and he heavily implied that my library experience will probably help. Which I knew, but is nice to have it confirmed.

Starbucks is also on my list.

Aaand now I have to clean my room and do laundry which I probably should've done a week ago, but there you are... Gonna pop in a DVD and clean.

...watch me go...


Aug. 19th, 2008 09:59 am
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I need to stop messing up.

What the fuck. Am I sabotaging myself because I actually found a job I like? What the hell?

I missed the lab training shift last week because I slept late, and this morning I completely spaced a lab shift that I was going to cover for a co-worker because I didn't get trained for the lab so I can't do it anyway, but I forgot to tell anybody this, so they had to close the lab.

Fuck. What the hell?

New rule. I write down everything I do different at least twice.

Note to self: lab training tomorrow at 11:30. Wake up or you're going to lose your job.
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There's a shock....

So, yeah. The bank job offer fell through. I called back the next day to tell the hiring person that it wasn't likely I would be able to change my schedule to fit the work shift. And she said that she'd thought about it and that she also needed someone who'd be able to cover shifts for other people, so a flexible schedule was necessary. So, there went that one.

Oh well. It was really nice that she seemed to really want me for the job. I have no idea why, possibly I was one of the only people to send in a resume. I don't know.

In fitness news (not that there's really any news...) I've decided to try bellydancing. Of course this "decision" is still in the research phase for me, which can last for years. I have a book out of the library, a couple items (two CDs and a DVD, I believe) on request from Prospector, and a borrowed DVD from Erin. I kinda want to take a class, and get some real-time instruction on it, but I have trouble dancing when it's just me, much less in a class full of people. So, we'll see how it goes. If I like the stuff I have so far, I'll see about taking classes.

Oh, and in other "classes" news, I've given some serious thought to becoming a paralegal. I was looking at some of the stuff on Craig's list, and some of the paralegal positions up there earn $34/hour. Erin was offered basically a paralegal-training job, and that started at $11/hour. And it sounds like something I would be good at. I love research, I like writing, and I like to think I'm decent at both things.

There are two ways I could do the paralegal thing: Go back to community college and get a certificate, or find someplace that wants to hire a part-time paralegal to train. With the certificate, I could charge more, but it's going to cost more money in the immediate future. The paralegal-to-train job would have better immediate results, but I'm not sure there's too much of a market for that. Although some professional association of paralegals website states that there's a huge anticipated upswing in paralegal jobs, because they cost less than lawyers. So apparently, from private to government law places are trying to get more paralegals to do more of the work that lawyers do, and fewer lawyers to do what only lawyers can do.

But I need to do more research on the subject. The paralegal-to-train job doesn't mean I can't go and get a certificate if I want it, of course.


Today is my day off, and I've done nothing except the dishes, basically. I just had six days with work in a row, so I don't feel all that bad, but still.

Oh, yeah, and my sister took off yesterday for Utah to visit her best friend. I don't know how she's paying for it, but whatever.Guess she wanted to go before school starts up again.

Okay, book rec:

The World Without Us. Okay, so I haven't gotten to read it yet, but it looks totally fascinating. I've had my eye on it for about a year now, and it only just occurred to me to look for a book on CD, which I now have in my possession. So yay. Will let you know when I finish it how it actually is.

Edit: Holy crap, Cait, I was just looking at some of the reviews, and the first review listed is by Louise Erdrich. She liked it a lot. Gave it a paragraph for a cover quote.
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Well, not really quite that fervent, but I wanted a Daria quote...

So, I just got a phone call about a part-time position at a bank I sent in my resume for.

I was very excited and eager, then I found out the shift is steady 1-5 M-F.

Which means it conflicts with my library schedule. The job I love and adore and probably want to pursue as a lifetime thing.

So, now I'm going to go in a little early, see if I can ask my supervisor about taking a steady morning shift, or changing a shift to Sunday. Which sucks, because I already told her that I didn't have to change my schedule this semester.

Of course, I have one shift, possibly two, that I could conceivably keep, though I'd have to start them ten minutes late, since they start at five. And that's if I'd get out of the bank on time.

Ugh. It's just really frustrating that the first spark of interest I get for a second job conflicts very, very badly with the job I love.

Okay. Well, we'll see. I have to talk to boss-lady, see what she thinks.

More waiting...

Edit: Oh, and to top it off, I have ten dollars in my checking account, and $60 on my credit card to last until next payday, which is two weeks from now. I can buy gas, but that's basically it. Bleh.
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A Fat Rant. I so adore this video.

And there's two others now by the same person, but one of them bores me. This one is cool, though:

Fat Rant 3: Staircase Wit


In other news...

I have Witchblade! I am a happy happy fangirl.

This series is so awesome. Not too many special features, but I really just wanted the show, anyway.

Hmm...well, today started a string of six days with shifts in a row. Not horrible, of course, since they're only 4-hour shifts, but still. I did feel sorry for a patron today, because he'd returned an item in one of our remote drop boxes and it never got here. And a couple things he returned at the same time did. So, either it got lost somehow, or someone took it. He claims the bin was really full, and he had to cram it in (which of course begs the question of why didn't he just return it in either another bin or at the library rather than cram stuff into the bin, but whatever). And it's still his responsibility until it gets checked in. Sucks for him. But it is only gonna cost him $33 to replace the thing, and it could be a lot worse...

Anyhoo, nothing really special about today, but nothing horrible either.

Oooh, wait, yes there is! I drove by one of the big pastures full of horses today, and I got to see all the babies! There were seven or so babies, all close to the fence. So cute.


Jul. 30th, 2008 02:19 pm
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I have achieved librarian-iconage!

And now I'm off to work!
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I really love my job, you guys. Like, seriously. There are things about it that really annoy me sometimes, but that happens with even the best jobs.

Wherein I ramble. About the library. )

So, in closing, a few book recs: (links provided for summary purposes, not for go-out-and-buy these purposes) (Also, these reflect my reading trends right now: ie weird/interesting non-fiction rather than fiction.)

For Bug specifically, A Companion to Wolves by Sarah monette and Elizabeth Bear. I can't vouch for the writing as I haven't gotten to read it yet, but it looks right up your alley. Big wolves, faux-Scandinavian fantasy, and good reviews (but how much do they know, really?) I read the summary and went, "Bug!" So, there's that rec for you.

Don't Panic. A biography of sorts of the Hitch(h)iker's Guide to the Galaxy, written partly in quotes from Douglas Adams himself, but also compiled and further added onto by Neil Gaiman. Yes, people, Neil Gaiman writing about Douglas Adams and Hitchiker's. It was fascinating and awesome.

Bodies We've Buried. Which is a look inside the National Forensics Academy, "the top CSI training school in the country". If some of the Amazon reviews are to be believed, there are several details very, very wrong, and some people won't like the humor. But I found if entertaining and fun, and I almost laughed out loud at some bits, so the humor hit right with me. So, take it with a grain of salt or just read it for semi-gory entertainment. Still fun.

Freakonomics. Again, some of the reviews at Amazon are unfavorable, but this is a great--and here's that word again: entertaining--book. It's an economist doing what an economist does: looking at numbers and statistics and extrapolating conclusions. But he's doing it because of questions like: If drug dealers make so much money, why do they still live with their mothers? Or: What's more dangerous, a gun or a swimming pool? It is, of course, more than that, because each question leads to more questions, and the answers are surprising. I actually heard the book, since the first copy without a hold on it to come through my hands was on CD. But that's good, too. And unabridged.

Okay, I'm done. I'm going to sleep now... And I totally need a librarian icon. To-do for tomorrow.

*Side story: yesterday I overheard a woman at the next station complaining about fingerprints and scratches on kids DVDs, and how we should clean all of them as they come in. I looked over at our juvenile movies shelves, which are right next to the desk, and see them crammed full, and then visualize the piles of movies still to be checked in, and shake my head. If we had the time and woman-power [there's only three guys in circulation department right now, and one of them's a manager, one of them's leaving soon, and the other one has been out of town for weeks] to clean all our DVDs as they came in, we totally would. But we just don't. It's not actually possible. That would probably at least double our check-in time, and delay getting the materials that you check out every day back on the shelves for you to get. So it takes you two extra seconds to either do it your own self so your kids don't put more scratches/fingerprints on the discs, or to clean the two discs you're bitching about yourself, which you claim your husband is an expert at. Bleh.
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Still alive. Mostly.

Still working. On my summer schedule now (yay, no more Monday morning shelving shift!), and RFID is over, so no more of those shifts.

Mowing the lawn tomorrow, weather permitting. Last time I was going to try it rained for two days. We'll see how that goes.

Trying my hand at gardening. It's only sort-of working...

Rediscovered my love of Sims2. Have been playing it nearly obsessively. Thus, have not been around for chat or LJ or anything.

I have, however, forced myself to get out and about a little bit. Went on a hugely long walk with Erin today (walked for a couple hours, got a bit burned but not much).

Oh! Erin and I bought our plane tickets for July! We are going to Hiawatha! ...and if for some gods-forsaken reason we don't manage, we'll be eating $326 tickets... Bleh.

In other news, I still want a pet. Still can't have one, but still want one.

Still looking for another job. But still haven't turned in application for sub sandwich delivery. And it would be an okay job because it's right next to my friend's salon, so I could hang out with her more. But I'm quite frankly not sure Hermes could take it. And with gas prices, I'm not sure what kind of actual profit I would be making anyway. How does that work, anyway?

Also, I hope this whole gas crisis thing means that American cities/towns will get better public transpo going. Not that I can use it right now, but I like to think I would if I lived in town. Or I'd bike or walk, and only drive if I was going grocery shopping, or something that required hauling.

...um, yeah. That's it.
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Well, it was when I brought this up, then I got distracted. It's after one now, but I got all this done before, I swear!

I just planted. I planted some astera flowers, some moonflowers, some lettuce and some basil. Actually, I "planted" them to get sprouts, which I hope they do.

Then I transplanted some of the plants I've been growing for a month or so now, clippings that I got from the greenhouse.

I also planted these small container plants my sister got. She got me a coffee plant (let's hope it grows! I can learn to make my own brew...maybe, or I can just enjoy the smell of coffee) and she got mom a mix of pink flowers that has the breast cancer ribbon all over the packaging. *shrug*

So, I've been moderately productive today!


Also? My glasses broke. I have them taped right now, but it's time for a new prescription anyway. So, either I'll pay for it out of pocket and save up a couple paychecks, or I'll use the credit card and do it sometime next week. Toss-up, and I'll have to check around for prices...


Have decided I won't move out, at least not for another half-year or so. I want to stay here, possibly contribute something to the house (even if it's just buying groceries or something), and open up another savings account. Of course, I'll still be just about breaking even if I don't get a second job. But I did have an interview at Blockbuster, but I kinda doubt I'll be hired. They want someone to hard sell stuff, and I won't do that. If they just wanted another clerk, I'd kick ass. *shrug*

Oh well. Keep looking. There's delivery drivers needed. If only Hermes could take it...


Oh! I might be having a shift change at the library, so I won't be working at 8 o'clock on Monday morning anymore. that would be nice. All my other shifts start after noon, and I'd just like some consistency in my shifts. But that won't be happening (if it does) until June. So there you go...
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