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~ Dude! *flails like mad* One of the librarians (like, the real librarians, with degrees and shit and not us lowly $8/hr circulation people) is, like, friends with Troy Duffy, and is going to go and visit him while the BDS sequel is filming. I just. I can't even. I was all like... *fangirl!flails and dies*

~ Deep breath, moving on...

~ I had this weird dream where I was trying to dyecolor my hair blue (well, streak my hair blue), but I totally fucked it up and I think I even fell asleep while I was doing it so the dye that I'd already put in made my hair turn freaky-white-blonde but the rest was a mottled brown-blue and it was disturbing because no one noticed! Weird-ass dreams are weird...

~ Okay, I just started reading Hot Target by Suzanne Brockmann. And I am loving it. Why didn't anyone tell me how awesome she is? Oh, wait, [livejournal.com profile] silentrequiem did, like, years ago. My bad.

Gaer? You were totally right. Loving this, and I have a hold on the first of I guess it's the "Troubleshooters" series and am just waiting for it to come in. Thanks!

~ I'm slowly working out plot stuff to make my NaNo not suck so bad...

P.S. Wow, I'm totally Valley Girl Writer today, aren't I?
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In "today".

I had a good day. Posted a few things to get rid of on Craigslist. Worked, did some light shopping, came home, did twenty minutes on the bike, ate dinner, and then came downstairs to write. I also played with Nefret in there, because she loves it when I fish for kitties.

And while writing, I did this:


Yay! I'm less than four hundred words shy of breaking 30,000, which was basically my goal for this year. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'd be thrilled if I manage to finish. But I'm already thrilled that I beat my word count from last year.

Now, to go update my word count, take care of the kitties and go to bed...

*yawn* Oy!

Nov. 19th, 2008 07:47 pm
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So. I'm tired now, and it's not quite 8 o'clock at night. This is sad...

I did stuff today, though!

Yesterday was mom's birthday, and one of the things she wanted was "an army of people to help me clean out my house."

Well, I couldn't get an army, but I did rope Erin and Christina (and she roped her husband) into helping. Erin's day was today, and she helped me haul two cars full of stuff to giveaway and recycling. Whoo! Mom was so very happy. We got rid of a lot of stuff we totally didn't need, weren't using, and was just taking up space. It felt very good.

Except now I'm all tired and shit.

So, I am seriously behind on NaNo. So I figure if I can do 3k words a day until the 30th, I'll make it. Or close to or over 3k. I would be fine with either of those options.

And actually, I'd be thrilled if I could just break 30k words. I hit 25k last year, so I'd like to at least beat last year's word count. That would be nice.

Okay, I'm going to try to use Write or Die to get some words written today, though at least I have a damn good reason for not writing up to now.

Hopefully I'll be able to post an edit with a good word count!

Edit @ 9:44 pm: Ha!
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So I do manage to post something today.

~ I did finish Stiff: the Curious Lives of Human Cadavers and it was as awesome as I thought it would be. High recommended reading, even if some parts of it did make me want to gag.

~ Halloween party was fun last night. The caramel apple bars are fabulous and actually pretty easy, which is a big plus.

~ Nefret has been getting bitey at me for a while. I think she's just getting a little stir-crazy because she now knows what's outside of this room, and she really loves the cat tower out in the basement hallway. Oh well, I'm hoping to be able to let her out after her follow-up vet visit on Monday.

~ Daylight savings time tonight, whoo! Extra hours of sleep! ...Ooops, sorry Dee, didn't mean to rub it in. That sucks that they're not compensating you somehow...

~ Haven't written anything on my NaNo yet. I'm going to try to get some out by the time I have to crash, or I might try to overcompensate tomorrow. We'll see how that works out...

~ Voted on Halloween, in costume. That was actually really cool, and speedy. I was in and out in no time. Now I just have to wait impatiently for the results...

Okay, off to try to pound out some NaNo story! ...I don't even have a title yet...
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Ryan is right. There's no excuse for not posting.

So, I resolve to post, well, something every day. In my copious free time. Because I do have a lot of that, what with my job only having four-hour shifts, and no second job in sight yet.

Nefret update: she's got an Upper Respiratory Infection, so, basically, she has a Shelter Cold. So, I have to dose her with medicine twice a day, and keep her isolated from the other cats. Which is okay, except now she's been out of the room before, she's bound and determined to do so again.

I guess I lied about the book recs. I'll do those tomorrow.

So, I've decided to try NaNo again this year. I have a concept for a story right now, but no plot. I'm going to go over some of my old stories, see if I can't cobble together a plot from some of those. I just remembered this idea from, I think, junior-high, but I'm going to update it, and grow it up a bit. Most of my ideas from back then had potential, but I was a little too juvenile to do them justice.

Oh, and I got an invitation to go to a Halloween dinner party thing. I'm going to be bringing the dessert, and I'm not sure what to make. Since my work friends seem to be big on themes, it is, of course, Halloween themed. So, I've got a few choices:

1. Apple Brownies (apples are a traditional harvest/fall/divination-at-All-Saint's-Day thing)
2. Caramel Apple Bars (ditto)
3. Fudge with marshmallo topping and call it "Ectoplasmic Fudge" ... probably just 'cause I like saying "Ectoplasmic"...

Okay. I'm off to make more banana bread that mom can actually eat this time!

Really this time, book recs coming up tomorrow!
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Well, it's ticking along, at least. Time heals all wounds, and blah blah blah.

I'm not really doing anything. After I got my last paycheck I went a little crazy, but I got gifts for several people. Not everyone I need to shop for by any means, but there it is...

I kinda did an epic FAIL on NaNo. Unless I can crank out 35K words in the next few days (unlikely since I have zero inspiration for the story), I'm done. On the bright side, though, this is the furthest I've gotten on this story ever, and I've had this idea, been tweaking it, and restarting it since junior high. I don't think I've ever gotten more than 8K on it before, but I'd have to double check on that. Maybe I'll toss it to Caitlin since she's been uber-productive writing wise this last half-year. She can write a few pages, jump-start me. She's done it before.

Um...Jobs. Well, I applied at a couple different temp agencies here in town, as that's really my best bet for employment right now....

I'm just feeling really, really unmotivated right now. Maybe I should start working out, since I'm not really doing anything else with my days... And I did just get my Pilates DVD back from Caitlin. Of course, I'd have to clean my room so I had a place to do the Pilates routine...

My life doesn't suck right now; I'm not going to pretend it does. But that doesn't mean I'm happy where I am.

Okay, I'm going to go now, before I start really bitching and moaning...
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So I was all set to do a Google Image meme, and then my enthusiasm went away.

Um, so yeah. Stuff. Stuff is kinda happening-ish in my life.

I am doing NaNo, and I'm doing okay-ish. I did copious notes last night at work, so that's okay, even if I haven't written them up yet. I will! Technically I should have about 14K by the end of today. This is highly doubtful, but I do have a little over 6K.

And, of course, much procrastination is to be had. One NaNo tip was to turn off the internet while trying to write, but since I have downloads going, I'm not going to do that. These downloads are going slow enough without actively ruining them.

So, now that you all know I'm alive and everything, I'm gonna go write some more. Hopefully get to roughly where I'm supposed to be... Or ahead. Ahead would be nice...


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