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So, I'm going through, and some stuff (I have over 40GB of music!) I'm looking at going, WTF, where the hellfire did you come from?

Oh, some I can trace to bad influences, like Supernatural, on my music taste. Some I can't recall why or how they got added. So if I can't remember it, it must not be important.

I do the quick-listen test, and if it sparks a familiarity and/or "not bad" vibe, I put it in the "To Listen" (and evaluate later) playlist. If I listen to a snippet and it makes me go, "Bleh!" in the first 10 seconds, DELETED!

I have power.

Anyhoo, that's what I'm doing. Spring cleaning for the music collection.

In the meantime, NaNo continues. I've been going in fits and starts this year, partly because of work, partly because I lose my brain, partly because the story is partially stalled right now. We'll see what happens tonight during my lab shift, considering I have to drive my friend to the airport at 4:30 ACK EMMA WTF?

Come on, please finish synching before I have to leave for work...


Jan. 6th, 2011 11:51 am
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Everyone who shares my sense of humor (even a little) should at least look up the lyrics to Leslie Fish's "Rambo-ing". Very funny in the anarchic sense.

"Let us go a Rambo-ing among the live grenades,
Yes let us go a Rambo-ing oh lively youths and maids,
With an uzi in the left hand, a machete in the right,
Oh let us go a Rambo-ing out on the town tonight."

And various verses about the annoying people around you that may inspire you to grip the handle of your swords.


My Tumblr, for those who might want to follow, but just know it will contain some fannish stuff, and so will contain at least allusions to slash.


I really like the title I came up with.


So, my friend's cousin's husband wants to set me up with a guy. Not sure how I feel about it, but he's in the halfway house for "habitual driving offenses" not anything violent. I guess there's no harm in meeting him, but he knows where I work, so that's weirding me out. I mean, we get the people from the halfway house, the work farm, the women's shelter, people with all kinds of stories and I love that they come in to use the library. But this definitely opens me up for stalker potential, and I'm very leery of that.

Not sure what to do with this...
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Actually, I have been relatively busy lately, although that may slow down for the holidays. Then again, maybe not.

NaNo went incredibly well, if stressful. I was an organizer this year (Municipal Liaison), and my co-ML is a friend I work with at the library who is super gung-ho and organized and full of "Let's do this too!" Which is great, because enthusiasm is hard to come by for me, but it led to write ins every day of the week, two parties that went until two in the morning, counting, boxing, and hauling books for the bookdrive, as well as all kinds of mentoring stuff for the writers themselves.

It was more effort than I've put into anything in a long time. Exhausting, but rewarding, really.


New music rec: S. J. Tucker. Though I wouldn't recommend her for everyone, she does good pagan folk, with influences from other genres. I only own one of her albums so far, Sirens, but I'm enjoying the hell out of it. My favorites are "The Drowning" and "Go Away Godboy" and "Lady Vagabond". Great rhythm.

I'm a little troubled that she seems to think "gypsy" means something that it doesn't. She keeps using it in the romanticized, stereotypical, and inaccurate way, and I dislike that. But that's a common thing, and not all that bothersome on the whole.


As a reward for myself finishing NaNo with over 70K (eek!), I bought myself a legit copy of Guild Wars. I've been having fun on it, when my internet connection is fast enough for it. I try not to spend too long on it, and a few quests have repeatedly kicked my ass which piss me off and make me want to get off the computer. So I guess it's a good thing?

Anyway, I'm going to go see if I can finish the quest I started yesterday.
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Okay. So. I have no excuse. I've just been distracted like whoa.

I have a new car. His name is Indy, for a variety of reasons. I am about to start decorating him, because he's my car and I can. I'm also going to make the first payment this week, so that's going to be fun. Another monthly expense away from being able to move out.

Speaking of, I think I'm going to find another job and quit the job with unpleasant boss-lady. I'm not what she wants, but I think she's keeping me around out of laziness, and I'm not making enough money to justify the hassel. As my friend pointed out, working a job you hate for decent pay is one thing, but a sucky job and sucky pay is just a losing formula. So there you go. Now the trick is finding another job that will work around my library job because I am not giving that up.

A quick meme, put your player on random and write down given number. (I think it was 15, but whatever.) No skipping embarrassing songs. )

....Can't say I have a predictable iTunes, now can you? The all-caps one drives me crazy but it is WAY too much trouble to fix it.

So had family come, had family leave, was sick while family was here which sucked.

I actually sucessfully cleaned yesterday. Got most of my clean clothes put away, and realized I have too many clothes that I don't wear, so I'm going to separate those out. There's a store opening soon that buys clothes for cash, so I'll put them in a bag and save them.

And now I'm going to open up Michael Jr., put on Pandora and get somewhere with One Bullet Away. I am under 10 items from the library, and I'm going to cut down on the books I get, because those are harder to get read than it is for me to listen to/rip CDs and watch movies.

Basically, I'm alive, getting through, but coasting as much as I ever have been.
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Yay! I've finally finished the "Something For Everyone" holiday mix!

Something For Everyone download.

(I couldn't figure out how to get the file to put them in the same order as in the playlist...)

Tracks listed behind cut )

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Nearly 9 o'clock in the morning, and I gotta get going to get shit done.

...Happy New Year! Enjoy the revelry!

In roughly chronological order...
1. Shower
2. Dose Nefret
3. Print out recipes
4. Print out 100 Surreal Things List
5. Post/burn the Halloween Music Mix

6. Choose a couple creepy/ghost-y stories to read
7. Go grocery shopping for things I don't already have
8. Go vote (if not I have to do it on election day...)
9. Work
10. Head to party, where I will bake, hang out, listen to music and read stuff
11. Come home
12. Dose Nefret

13. Fall down dead

Edit: So, yeah, the things not crossed out didn't happen. But that's all right. It was quite fun anyway!

So, here's my Halloween Mix:

Hanging Tree by Blackmore's Night
Wedding Dance by Echo's Children
Anne Marie St. Claire by Susan Urban
The Devil Went Down To Georgia by Charlie Daniels Band
Boogie Woman by 'Ski
Samhain Night by Loreena McKennitt & Afro Celt & Steeleye Span
Haunted by Evanescence
Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie
Spiders by Joydrop
Sanitarium by Metallica
The Cruel Sister by Ceoltóirí
Karma Slave by Splashdown
Practical Magic by Alan Silvestri
Night on Bald Mountain by Mussorgsky


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