Apr. 10th, 2012 02:49 pm
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Oy, life. So it's been almost a month since I updated last. Some stuff has happened but mostly I'm trying to get used to the fact of my new life. I've been back up to the house twice, both times for Sunday breakfast. It was strange, mostly because I just got up and left afterward. I wonder if I'll get used to that, or if it will always seem weird driving home from old-home.

Still working six days a week, which is good money wise. If all goes to plan (which I'm not really expecting it will), I will be completely out of credit card debt by this time next year. If I keep to my budget, I can even afford to pay for Sirens outright, and if I do put it on a card I should be able to pay it off immediately. Which is good.

Script Frenzy is kind of stop-and-go for me. I was trying for an original and failed, so I went back and my goal is to finish the Bet Me adaptation I'm doing. We'll see how that goes.

And that's the update on my life. Not much to show for a month of no updates, but there you go.
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Okay, so it was less than a week that I didn't have internet access at home, except for a neighbor's spotty wireless.

But I have successfully purchased internet, installed it so it works, and am now connected. Roommate now also has a stronger, more reliable wireless connection for ease of access.

I missed my internet!

So yes. I moved out last Sunday. Thanks to the help of three and then five wonderful and super helpful friends, I moved in less than four hours. There's still some stuff up at my parents' house that I didn't get (my trash can for one, grr) and I need to go up and get those, but the vast majority of my stuff was moved super quick.

I thanked my friends with pizza.

I still haven't been able to completely unpack, but that's a lack of motivation rather than anything else. I just look at the boxes of stuff and sigh, then find something else that needs attention. But I'll get there.

Maybe I'll just chuck it all...
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I'm thinking that I want to start a Shared Universe kind of thing with my Post-Apocalyptic Thing I started for NaNo year before last. I think it has great potential to be interesting in most parts of the world and I would love to hear what people in India, China, Africa, or the like would do with the rules I've set up.

Thing is, I'm not sure how to go about it. I could make an announcement on LJ, see if there's anybody who finds the universe I created as compelling as I do who wants to try to write for their area (or an area they are intimately familiar with). I'll probably do that on my fandom journal, since I'm pretty sure that'll reach more of an international audience than just mine. Hm. Maybe I can post something to LJ's noticeboard. Do they still have that?

I would first need to work out the exact laws of the world, both in how the Disappearance happened and how the magic system works, which has been a major problem for me all along, trying to figure out a magic system that won't make other geeks want to throw books across the room (*cough*HarryPotter*cough*).



Anyway, I turned in the rental application yesterday. Hopefully they'll approve and I won't have to have my parents co-sign for me, and maybe I'll still get to move in less than a month. Whoo!
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I don't know. I'm looking at dog training manuals, so I can work with my friends' dogs while they're out of town. Their first dog learned some bad habits from his newer playmate, and the newer playmate is just plain crazy. To be totally fair, though, she was kept in a kennel for most of her first year of life, because her owner was working and her owner's mother didn't want to be bothered.

Which just makes me want to scream from the rooftops: Don't get a pet unless you're willing to care for it!

Ugh. It makes me so mad.

But I did start wanting a dog, so hopefully several housesitting jobs will cure me of that. I do not have enough energy to keep up with a dog right now, and since I'm moving to an apartment that's already at its max pets level, then a dog is not happening. Of course, I'm rooming with someone with a dog, so there's that.

In other news, I really need to come up with something to bring to work for dinners. The pasta salad I made was okay, but I think it started to go bad at the end there. Same goes with the spinach salad I made. I need to boil up some pasta to bring with me, since some nice person left a couple of jars of pasta sauce in the break room for free. So I've got those, and some pasta, and maybe some chicken I can grill up for myself (see if that Foreman Grill is still working!).

Well, I needed to go shopping tonight for some necessities anyway, I'll just see if there's any chicken on sale. If not I'll stick with pasta and maybe add some veggies. But I should make a plan for next week, especially because I'm going to be house sitting.

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Not on days off, mind. Days off are for doing laundry and not much else. However, they make me want to do stuff, and that's always dangerous. Mostly I'm motivated by something I see, but sometimes it's just something that occurs to me at some point.

Cases in point today about being motivated by stuff I see: I now have a fierce desire to get a puppy. Because I made the mistake of watching the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, and they were so stinking cute I can't even believe it.

The other case in point of the day is catching a favorite scene from What Women Want, when Mel Gibson and Holly Hunter are working on an ad campaign for Nike and they make running sound awesome. I'm not sure my knees would ever hold up to running because they suck, but I could definitely get off my ass more and walk. We have a fraking treadmill, after all, and my key fob gets me into the city employee's gym, so I should really take advantage.

I probably won't, since it would involve actually getting up off my ass and doing something before work tomorrow, but feeling like I want to feels like a good step? Maybe if I keep visualizing it, stuff will happen?

...yeah, probably not.
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That is the question. (Ugh. I can't believe I just faux quoted Shakespeare.)

I have two flights that I'm going to have to buy this year. If I buy them right now, I'll put them on my card and have them done. I'll also have the price match thing from Orbitz so if someone books one cheaper in the meantime I'd get money back.

The downsides of this are pretty bad, though. I tend to lose things like confirmation (although I think that would happen less with the organizational methods of gmail), and it'll jack up the balance on my credit cards again, lessening my ability to pay.

I have to buy a ticket to my cousin's wedding in June, which, if I buy it right now will cost $399. I also have to buy a ticket to Sirens ( WOO!) in October, and if I book it now it's only $293.

*sigh* Decisions, decisions, decisions. Ugh. Either way, I'm not going to pay off the one card until June/July of next year, and the other until well into 2014. Why did I do that to myself?
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Update time! Must be in the lab.

Good news is, I'm getting over being sick. Just a quick cold/mild flu thing, but it's almost gone aside from the sinus issues. I'm thinking those might be allergy-related so I'm going to switch to my generic-brand Zyrtec in a day or so.

Bad news is, I've gotten re-addicted to Ugh. I really shouldn't have looked again, but I did. Horsies! Horsies I can train! I'm weak to that kinda thing, what can I say?

Um...Not much to say, really. Work is back in full swing, 39 hours a week (minus the odd sick day or vacation). Between now and March I hope to build up enough of a nest egg that I can move out in March and have some little money outside of rent, gas, groceries, and credit card payments.

Oh yeah! I did get something good! I got the title to my car!! Whooo! I own my car free and clear! Indy is mine! Now I just have to see if it'll cost me anything to change the title over to my name. On the eHow site it says I would need new tags, but that seems kind of ridiculous ...which means it's probably true.

That's all I can think of just now.
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Whoops again!

Okay, so My Library is open again! Whee! It's almost all new and shiny! Actually, it's all rather dusty and Chaotic, but I'll take it over closed. I really missed my library, and I'm ridiculously happy for it to be open again.

So I'm actually very optimistic about the remodel, which surprises me, because this has been my library for a very long time. And it's getting changed, but so far it still feels like my library. I'm very proprietary, and I didn't want my library turning into Other Library, which feels more like a bookstore and not nearly helpful enough.

So, I'm looking at moving out in March, to live with my friend in the small town between my neighborhood and the city. This seems to be on track *knock wood* and going okay. We introduced our pets on Saturday, and aside from a short chase incident, it wasn't that bad. My friend has a pug and I have a cat, so at least one is not going to eat the other.

My grandfather might be coming to live with us. Probably not, since I don't think he wants to live in Colorado again, but it's a possibility. My sister still shows no signs of wanting to move out, so I can only imagine my mom's stress levels if both her hard-of-hearing father and her hard-of-head daughter are living here.

Also, my mom is apparently going to Mexico in March. I wasn't expecting that, but I think she'll have fun, as long as it's not too hot. My mom does as well as I do in hot climates.


I think that's all I've got for now.


Jan. 8th, 2012 06:13 pm
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Four days since the last post. But two of those days were spent doing work not involving staring at a computer screen, so I guess that's a win.

Biggest news in my world right now is that the re-opening of my library has been moved back three days, to Friday the 13th. Whee! This gives our department, at least, so much more time to cope with changes and make things work just a little better. We lost some workers (not related to the closure, just shitty circumstances), but we're not hiring because my supervisor doesn't want to be training someone while we have so much chaos. Understandable.

So, work is starting up again. Until we re-open, I'll just have circulation shifts, going in and prepping for opening. Starting Monday, I'll be back with my full-time schedule again. Hmm. I should either make some things to bring for dinners four days a week, or go and buy something for that.

I can't go grocery shopping for myself just yet, unless I can get together with my friends and get the last of my money for pet-sitting. That would be good. Oh, and I do have a check of Christmas money from my uncle that I can cash. That should at least get my kitty her food and litter. I should do that soon.

I was mad social in the last week. Spent several days hanging out with people, and lots of talking and catching up with friends I hadn't seen in a while. It was good, but. Maybe I shouldn't cluster the social-ness so much. I felt a little drained afterwards.
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I think I'm staring at computer screens (or TV screens, or iPod screens) too much. My eyes have been itching and aching for days, and it's not fun at all. I don't like it. I think I probably need new glasses too, and I know I need new prescription sunglasses because I have to squint like crazy to read signs with smaller print.

However, since it's not prohibitive to my life and limb, it's not a priority.

I did, however, finish paying off my car yesterday! Whee! They will send me my title in about 10 days, they said. Now I have to go to the courthouse and get the car put into just my name (if that won't screw up the insurance stuff, must check with that). I'm going to be a chicken and stay on my family's car insurance plan, and work on paying off my credit cards. With mostly minimum payments and only the one job, I can have both cards paid off by April of 2013, which isn't great, but it's better than just lingering in CC debt.

Will probably find out today about how many hours I'll have in the coming weeks, which will pretty much determine how early in March I can move out. Ugh. Work is so chaotic, almost no one knows what's going on at all.

Got to hang out yesterday with a friend I haven't seen since my birthday. It was fun, we spent most of the time just talking and ranting at each other. We tend to agree with each other at the top of our lungs. It's kind of hilarious.
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I like the "Choose random icon" option on DW. It saves me from having to choose one for each entry. I have trouble deciding, because I love all my icons!

But I like this one a lot. I actually made it during my first forays into icon making, which must've been somewhere around 2003-2004? I think I started doing it right before university. I know I did plenty in university, because Cait and I learned how to make brushes in PhotoshopElements together. The crystal ball was actually a brush I made from a picture, and then colorized.

I miss icon making, but I can't afford to invest in Photoshop without a good reason, and icon making doesn't really count. I don't do enough to be considered prolific, or even make more than one or two sets a year.

Anyway. Hung out with [profile] rin_kali on Friday night, had a nice dinner and conversation, then went to my friend's house and hung out there for a while and [profile] rin_kali got to hold the new baby.

Then, as stated, did nothing in particular for New Year's Eve. Relaxed, listened to my book, played games, and went to bed shortly after midnight.

Yesterday was also a quiet day, then went to [community profile] musesrealm's mom's house for traditional black-eyed peas and greens, with lots of cornbread, crackers, and cheesecake for dessert. Twas quite yummy, but [community profile] musesrealm was missed.

This year will bring many changes for me. I'm hoping to move out with my friend Jewels in March. After this month I will have my car paid off (yay!), and have to see about getting insurance of my own for the first time (eek). My library will be changing daily until about June when construction is supposed to be done, so I'll be dealing with a lot of change at work. My sister-cousin is getting married, also in June, and I still need to get a dress for it and figure out how at least my mom and I are traveling. Toward the end of the year is Sirens, which is taking place just outside of Portland, OR, this year, so more travel expenses are in store there.

Not gonna lie: when I think about things changing, it makes me excited and anxious at the same time.

Time to take a deep breath and jump in!
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I'm trying to decide if it would be relaxing or pathetic to sit home alone on New Year's Eve? I'm not feeling terribly social, but I'm not feeling anti-social either. Just chilling and playing games while listening to Agnes and the Hitman on audiobook. And watching some episodes of Rizzoli & Isles.

I'm pretty much leaning towards "relaxing by myself at home". Maybe going through more music or just continuing on as I have. Going to bed early or maybe giving myself some spa time. Ooh, I like that idea...

Hmm. What kind of spa materials do I have on hand? There were several tips at about home spa stuff, so I'm going to pull that up and do some research.

Okay. I know what I'm doing with my night!
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I have "Are You Out There" by Dar Williams stuck in my head. It's the song I get my handle from, and still is one of my favorites of hers or anyone else.

Anyhoo, in the vein of journaling more often, I am posting again. Mostly because I am in the lab and once you've checked your e-mail for the millionth time, and there's no patrons to help on a constant basis, there's not a whole lot else to do. So here we are. I will work on my novel some more later.

Still haven't heard from Guy I Asked Out. *shrug*

Today is payday! Whee! We love payday! Which reminds me, I need to text the people I just finished housesitting for and get the rest of my money and give their key back.

I finally cleaned off my computer desk at home, which was filled with mostly trash and dishes. Now it's just filled with desk-y stuff, half organized and half just piled there. Included in the pile which I forgot today is the copy of my cousin's novel which I am working my way through as a beta/editor, and really should have remembered. Damn.

I really need to do laundry, as well, and tomorrow might be a good time to do it. I don't know what the rest of the family has planned for NY's, but I'm torn between staying in (which I can actually do on Sunday, so I should probably be social or something) and going to a writing friend's Game Night New Year's Party.

We shall see.
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So, I did something braver than I normally do. I asked a guy out.

I wasn't turned down flat, but he seemed embarrassed and told me he hadn't thought of it before. He asked if he could think about it. Yay.

So, we'll see if I ever hear from him again. Probably won't.

But I did do something I've never had the guts to do before. Possibly because while he's cute and nice and everything, I wasn't super invested. It was a nice possibility if he did want to go out with me. *shrug*


So, work is going. Lab is boring as hell, I hate shelving, and I rarely get to do circulation here at Other Branch, so I really, really miss My Branch. It's not going to be the same post-renovation, but my review went really well and I was told I shouldn't have any problem getting my full-time hours back post-remodel, working both lab and circulation.

I have been working on a novel outside of NaNo, which is super weird for me. It's a gay romance, and I'm looking at a few online ebook publishers, but it's a start, at least. I think I even have a pen name I like (besides Night SkyFire, which was what I came up with in junior high *rolls eyes*). We'll see how that works out, since I only have about 10K so far.
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I do this all the time, of course. Say I want to journal more and then never do.

Maybe start small. Christmas was wonderful, and small. The family seemed to enjoy everything I got for them, which is gratifying.

Paid for all holiday gifts with cash, thanks to a couple of last-minute pet sitting jobs. Cash is awesome, and I will try to use it more often. Definitely made me more aware of what I was spending and how much was left.

Still have quite a bit of cash left, and more on the way because I still have about $45 coming to me from the other half of pet sitting money.

I have my work evaluation coming up today. I'm not exactly nervous, but there might be issues I don't know about. Either way, I think I'm going to either push for an advancement or try to find another job, either as replacement or as supplementary.

Hoping to move out in March, if I can either get my full-time hours back post-remodel, or find a different full-time job.

Ugh. I really need to start moving more. Walking would be nice, but maybe something more, too.
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This is so not directed at anyone on here, but the cranks (on both sides of the issue) who are keeping the "War On Christmas" bullshit alive. Just want to get this off my chest without being officially kicked out of that side of the family...

Some of my dad's family keeps making pointed posts about how they're going to keep saying "CHRISTMAS" thank you very much. Here's a post from my second cousin's FB wall: Whiny majority bullshit behind cut )

Like they're saying, "How dare you try to make me acknowledge Others? I am not Other, so I don't have to say Other!"

And the worst of all, the "I respect that". As if everyone else needs your fucking blessing to worship the way they will or won't? ARRGH!

And to what is essentially "my side": not being able to say Christmas, (as I guess some schools are doing? I hope that's wrong, please tell me it's wrong) is just as stupid. And worse, you're making the cranks who think "Happy Holidays" is a WAR ON CHRISTMAS OMG right! So please stop that, thanks.

Happy Holidays is supposed to be inclusive, and whatever the hell you celebrate, I wish it to be happy.

I kind of wish I could just say "Fuck You!" instead of anything (to those people) at this point. I'd get to be sincere and they'd get to be outraged for a real reason...

To those people who are not getting all up in arms about "Happy Holidays", I wish you a Merry Christmas, a Blessed Yule, Bright Solstice, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and/or Happy Non-Denominational Winter Festivities Day.

...see how much faster it is to just say "Happy Holidays"?
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All right, I seem to have come down slightly from my anxiety the other day.

I think I'm pretty resigned to staying in my parents house until roughly halfway through 2012. But I think I've worked out a budget that will allow me to not only pay off my car in two more payments, but to be out of credit card debt by June at the latest. And this is with low-balling most of the paychecks for the next two months.

So there's that.

Also, NaNo is ending, which is always a let-down and a relief at once. Let down because I know there's lots of people that I love hanging out with that I will maybe see in April with Script Frenzy, but more likely won't see until next November. Or checking in vaguely on Facebook and the like. (And on here! Hi new LJ/NaNo friends!)

Anyhoo, I think I've got a plan.

Watch that plan go up in smoke, since when we make plans the gods laugh.
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Ugh. Feeling restless tonight. Sister is hogging the living room/kitchen so I can't go and channel surf. Maybe I need to go exercise, but it's way too late at night for that. I sit down and try to read, can only manage a couple of pages. Same for sitting and writing. I keep looking for something to hold my interest and the only thing that does is finances.

So. I was looking at car insurance quotes, and for middle-of-the-road coverage, I can supposedly only pay between $196-$224 for six months. This is for mostly the same coverage with different companies. I think I can afford to do a lump sum payment of that every six months. I think. Right now, I continue to be covered with my family's insurance, but I would like to pay it on my own.

I'm thinking that if I have enough of a chunk of money left over post-holidays, I will finish paying off my car several months early. This will give me back $130/month that I was paying on that, but it would pretty much wipe out any buffer I had. And I still have to pay off credit cards and student loans, and try to save money for Cait's wedding in June and Sirens in October which is away from Colorado.

...I wonder if Albertsons will be hiring after the holidays?

If I can keep the hours I have now post-remodel, I can afford to move out. If I can get a second job, I'll be even better. Or sell some stories, or start selling my stuff online, I could be doing better than just "affording".

So many ifs. It's driving me crazy.


Nov. 19th, 2011 11:15 am
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I don't know what it is, because I actually feel rested, but I still feel so tired. I don't like it. I was even going to start exercising once I found my iPod again (after "oh my gods!" and "YAY!" I thought, "Now I can go work out again without dying of boredom!"), but I just feel like shit warmed over.

I don't want to think it's the new full time hours at work, but I guess we'll see once December rolls around and I'm back to part time for a while.

I don't want to think it's NaNo, but I'm also behind on word count. I just am having trouble getting from point 3 to point 4, unsure of even how point 4 should occur. Oh well. I'll get there.

No sleep for me, at least not until after 9 tonight.

Why do I have to be such a wimp? What the hell.
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So, I'm going through, and some stuff (I have over 40GB of music!) I'm looking at going, WTF, where the hellfire did you come from?

Oh, some I can trace to bad influences, like Supernatural, on my music taste. Some I can't recall why or how they got added. So if I can't remember it, it must not be important.

I do the quick-listen test, and if it sparks a familiarity and/or "not bad" vibe, I put it in the "To Listen" (and evaluate later) playlist. If I listen to a snippet and it makes me go, "Bleh!" in the first 10 seconds, DELETED!

I have power.

Anyhoo, that's what I'm doing. Spring cleaning for the music collection.

In the meantime, NaNo continues. I've been going in fits and starts this year, partly because of work, partly because I lose my brain, partly because the story is partially stalled right now. We'll see what happens tonight during my lab shift, considering I have to drive my friend to the airport at 4:30 ACK EMMA WTF?

Come on, please finish synching before I have to leave for work...


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