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(and that's the only time you'll get LOLcatz language out of me)

Glee! So much glee!

So, my birthday was awesome. I got the awesome Dar William's new CD, I got a new iPod Nano named Magellan Jr. (he's purple and has video!), and I got my opal ring back from my friend who had it for years and neither of us knew.

And I got a kitty! My parents agreed that I could get a cat of my very own, so I went to the Humane Society and picked one out.

Her name is Nefret (Mom suggested it, I picked it, her name at the shelter was Mara) and she's a gorgeous tortishell. She's around 2 years old, was a stray, probably very recently had a litter of kittens, but there was just her at the shelter. She's newly spayed. I'm going to have to limit the food I give her, since she just scarfed down probably as much food as she needs in a day. But that's pretty much to be expected with strays.

The plan is to keep her in my room for a week, maybe two, get her and the other cats used to the change through scent and sound first. Then we'll see about putting her in the kitten's cage in the living room, keep her separated so there's no violence, but so they can see each other in the flesh, so to speak.

So, hopefully this will work. She's extremely sweet, very smart. I showed her the log I pulled out of the woodpile for her to scratch on, and she used it perfectly. I just had to slide her paws on it a few times and she went to town.

I got her a kitty bed and a new litter box, since now with four cats we're going to need two of them.

I also cleaned my room like crazy, which is weird but good.

She's very chatty. Not like screaming protest chatty, but kind of chirpy chatty.

My first kitty of my very own!

Pictures forthcoming.
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Still alive. Mostly.

Still working. On my summer schedule now (yay, no more Monday morning shelving shift!), and RFID is over, so no more of those shifts.

Mowing the lawn tomorrow, weather permitting. Last time I was going to try it rained for two days. We'll see how that goes.

Trying my hand at gardening. It's only sort-of working...

Rediscovered my love of Sims2. Have been playing it nearly obsessively. Thus, have not been around for chat or LJ or anything.

I have, however, forced myself to get out and about a little bit. Went on a hugely long walk with Erin today (walked for a couple hours, got a bit burned but not much).

Oh! Erin and I bought our plane tickets for July! We are going to Hiawatha! ...and if for some gods-forsaken reason we don't manage, we'll be eating $326 tickets... Bleh.

In other news, I still want a pet. Still can't have one, but still want one.

Still looking for another job. But still haven't turned in application for sub sandwich delivery. And it would be an okay job because it's right next to my friend's salon, so I could hang out with her more. But I'm quite frankly not sure Hermes could take it. And with gas prices, I'm not sure what kind of actual profit I would be making anyway. How does that work, anyway?

Also, I hope this whole gas crisis thing means that American cities/towns will get better public transpo going. Not that I can use it right now, but I like to think I would if I lived in town. Or I'd bike or walk, and only drive if I was going grocery shopping, or something that required hauling.

...um, yeah. That's it.


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