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This was sparked by this batshit fucking insane womanwomyn.

To sum up for those that don't want to read it (I don't recommend it unless you want your eyes to bleed and your blood pressure to skyrocket):

This woman sat down and watched Firefly, and was absolutely enraged. According to her breakdown of the pilot episode, Firefly is not only not feminist, but Joss Whedon is anti-feminist in the extreme, racist, sexist, and supports rape of women. Oh, and she's sure he rapes his wife on a regular basis. Because that crazy batshit woman classifies all heterosexual sex as rape, whether the female consents or not, because all heterosexual sex is men dominating women.**

To this woman and all the other militant feminists who make Real Feminists look bad:

Please stop talking. Please get off "my side". Please get out of my gender. You're making my gender and chosen social beliefs look unbelievably crazy.***


I'm not even going to touch the shit she spewed about one of my favorite shows ever. She's entitled to her opinion, no matter how crazy and completely missing-of-the-point I think it is.

But this woman seriously gives all feminists an extremely bad name. The same way that those hate-preaching bigots who claim to be "Christians" give real Christians a bad name, by not only linking them all together in one nutso package, but making it seem like they're all like that.

My mother and aunts are feminists. They grew up in the 50s and 60s, lived through the 70s, raised kids in the 80s, 90s and into the new century. Moreso, they raised girls and one boy in that time. And they raised them to believe that people are people, not their gender. That if you choose to be a stay-at-home mom, that's because it's what you want to do, (hopefully) not because you belive it's what you "should" do as a woman, or even because you're a woman. Is the world the way the feminists wanted it to be? Not by a long shot. But that's why we/they're still fighting.

What these batshit insane feminazis* don't realize is that our mothers and grandmothers fought so women would have choice. Get that? Fucking choice to decide what they want, as individuals, as people, as part of a couple if they so wish. If they want to never get married, have their tubes tied at the age of 23, and go off to live in Antarctica to study penguins in the wild, that's their fucking choice. If they want to play housewife and raise a passel of kids in suburbia, I wouldn't choose that, but it's their life, not yours. If they're lesbians and want to live on a commune, raise organic produce, and take in troubled foster children, more power to them. If they want to get a fucking sex change and live as men and marry a woman or a man or whoever, it's their choice.

Real Feminists fought for stay-at-home-dads to lose their stigma and paternity leave just as hard as they fought for women in the workplace, equal pay for equal work, and maternity leave.

They fought--and still fight--for women and men to be seen as people, their decisions not defined by their fucking gender or who they love or who they fuck. Those are small elements of who we are as people, and while they help make up the whole, those elements are not the whole themselves, and to treat them as such is ridiculous.

So really, it's none of your fucking damn business if a stay-at-home mom wants to be who she is, raise her kids. You know what? Maybe she's trading stocks on the computer while the kids are down for a nap and making a fucking mint, which she'll then use to better the lives of her children, and hopefully make sure they don't come out as batshit crazy and hateful as you.

And you know what? As long as you continue to spew your hate instead of trying to make a real difference, you're just perpetuating the problem. By saying what you've said about women in general, you're basically saying that we're too weak to stand up for ourselves, that we need men to cowtow to us because we're not strong enough to make our opinions known and clear. What you're saying is that women are less than men, but that now men need to make themselves less to make themselves even with women.

Fuck that. I say, people are people. Their choices are their own.

Stop spewing hatred and mind your own fucking business. Unfortunately, they also fought so you nutjobs could be heard. Be thankful for that, and don't call yourself a feminist. Please, you're making real feminists look bad.


* I use this term to differentiate the batshit fucking insane "feminists" from the real feminsts. Yes, it's offensive, because this woman is offensive to me. It's also pretty accurate and I believe she uses this term to describe herself. So, much like calling myself a bitch, I'm going to use it.

** Many rape victims responded to the post at [livejournal.com profile] _the_firefly_ where I first heard of the post. All of them said that this definition of rape is 1) crazy and 2) insulting to rape victims. Not being a rape victim myself, I will not speak on something I don't know. But it sounds stupid, doesn't it?

*** And for the bi/lesbian women I know, I would also like to point out that she gives lesbians a bad, bad, bad name. She's the quintessential man-hating lesbian, a bad caricature from a bad 50's scare-movie about what "lesbians" are.

P.S. See, that's the difficulty in taking the stance I do. If I believe everyone should mind their own fucking business, then what right do I have to spout off about this person who I don't agree with? So, I'm a hypocrite. I don't fucking care. This has been brewing for a long time.
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Actually, it was interesting. On my recent shift at the greenhouse we had Jack FM on which I'd never really listened to for more than a song at a time. There was much bitching and laughing when "bad"/unexpected songs came on. I was pretty okay with all of it, even when they played the occasional song I can't stand. If I'm going to listen to the radio, it beats asinine DJs with nothing actually relevant to say. And it's hard to find a DJ with something relevant to say.

Then the radio was switched to Spanish music, and the bitching began. In the place I was working, it was about half-and-half Spanish-speakers to white English speakers, and after the first hour of complaining from the white people I wanted to throttle all of them. "Why do we have to listen to Spanish music? We're in America! Speak English!" And bitching about ESL programs at schools...

They have a right to their opinion, I'm not disputing that. But it's a policy at this employer to try and be fair to all their employees.

And once you've stated the opinion you are entitled to, kindly shut the fuck up about it, so the rest of us don't have to listen to you bitching the whole time. I'd much rather listen to music that I only vaguely get the gist of than listen to you constantly rant and rave about something you cannot possibly understand, being a white person raised speaking English in America. What the fuck do you know about moving to another country, learning another language, and having to function without the comfort of your own music styles in many locations?

Grr...wanted to kill them. So much. And they were actually pretty okay until the radio station changed...


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