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So, I've been talking about moving to Madison.

Of the local people whose opinions I care about, I've gotten one "don't go!", two "go if it makes you happy" and one "take me with you!"

The "don't go" came from my friend who is pregnant, which makes sense because I would be leaving only a few months after her kid is due. She has family, but they are mostly flaky/crazy. And she'd have mom and dad no doubt, but...I still feel bad that I'm even contemplating leaving one of my best friends at a difficult time.

And I know she'd understand if I had to go, but still. I could do the online thing.

Erin is the one saying, "take me with you!" Actually, it's more along the lines of, "I need a chance to start over and if I have a built-in roommate all the better!" She'd go with me to check it out, even, so that's an immediate travel companion as well. This idea has its good sides and its down sides. Good in that I'd have a friend, someone who knows me, and someone to live with without having to worry about scouting out non-psycho potential roommates.

On the down side...we've both debated if it counts as really starting over if you bring someone who has known you since junior high with you...

My parents are the ones saying "go if it makes you happy", which I appreciate. They'd worry, certainly, moving to a whole new place with no support network other than that offered by the school and family five hours away. But they're very supportive, despite the likelihood of racking up more debt I won't be able to pay for.

So largely positive response to my idea.


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